In February of 2016 we made SupportAssist for servers version 1.2 available for early production access on our SupportAssist Enterprise community forum. On March 16th we made it available globally on and the front page of this community. This new release features:

  • Increased monitoring capacity; up to 300 devices without a systems management console
  • Ability to install SupportAssist on a Linux management station
  • Support extended to additional products such as PowerVault DL devices, PowerVault NX devices, PowerEdge C Series servers, and additional models of Dell's 13th generation of PowerEdge servers
  • Device grouping function to organize device lists
  • ProSupport Plus recommendation report delivered to your inbox every month
  • Data viewer for diagnostic collections to accelerate troubleshooting

To get started, download the Linux version here or the Windows version here.

The User Guide, Release Notes, Support Matrix and Quick Setup Guide can be found here and technical videos can be found on the resources tab. Have questions? Ask them on our community forum or reference our FAQ document.