Identify - Diagnose - Resolve

Identify - Diagnose - Resolve


Remote monitoring and automated, proactive support

Identify - Diagnose - Resolve

When your hardware environment is compromised, SupportAssist identifies the issue and sends system log and diagnostic information to Dell Technical Support for issue diagnosis. Devices improperly configured for sending this information often result in a failed send. The latest version of SupportAssist for OME, available as of September 2014, alerts you of such failures so time to resolution is not compromised.

These new alerts come in the form of notifications within the SupportAssist software and auto emails with subject lines such as Dell SupportAssist – Collection alert. You can be assured the correct member of your team receives these emails by grouping your devices, as desired, using the grouping feature available in the latest SupportAssist for OME release.

Automatic issue detection keeps your environment running smoothly by preventing downtime resulting from hardware issues. Be sure your Dell devices are properly configured within SupportAssist for communication with Dell Technical Support by double checking the items below.

Issue: Unable to Start Collection

-  Check device is connected and available on the network.

-  Check device credentials and privileges in the SupportAssist user interface are correct.

 Issue: Unable to Complete Collection Upload

-  Check internet connectivity settings are correct.

-  Check proxy settings within the SupportAssist user interface are correct, if your system connects to the Internet through a proxy server.

If you have a local Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) email server (local server in your own environment not from a Dell server), you can configure SupportAssist to notify you of issues with your device and connectivity status. An email notification will be sent through the local SMTP email server with the subject line Dell SupportAssist OME – Connectivity alert, Connectivity alert – CRITCAL or Device validation alert.

For additional help configuring your Dell devices, visit the SupportAssist Forum to ask questions and get answers from the SupportAssist team.