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DELL ULTRABOOK 14z 1500 and 2000 models

  • Hi,

    We have 2 DELL 14z 1500/2000 ultrabooks in our NEX PEARL HARBOR store. The specs are exactly the same and the price is the same, yet we have 2 display models, 1500 and 2000. What is the difference between the two please?

    Thank you


    Hawai'i, USA


  • Hey Eddie,

    I'm not exactly sure.  Can you send us some more details on them and I'll be happy to look it up for you.  Do the models look the same? Can you send us a pic of them, and maybe your exact specs for each...?

    Sorry I can't help more.


  • Thanks Emily! Both models have same specs and price, but one says 14z-1500 and the other says 14z-2000 model. Not sure why...I will investigate further and let you know.

    Thank you!


  • Yeah, that is strange.  If the specs are exactly the same, and they look the same, it might be something having to do with how the Exchange sells it,  for stocking reasons or such?  I'm not real sure.  My bet is that they are the same computer, just one arrived earlier, so it needs to get sold first...?

    If you can find any differences, I'll def. try to look it up for you.  



  • Thanks Emily!

    I found out that the onloy difference was the color from darker blue to lighter blue....weird...

    Thanks again!