Our Company has two data centers in two different buildings, and would like to use DMC 2.0.3 as a primary server deployment solution.

My plan is to have one NS server (site A) and one Site Server (Site B), and NS Server will also be using as like a site server at A.

I would like to use the NS server and Site Server as a DHCP/PXE server for each Deployment vlans on each Data Center, so from NS Server in Site A, I would like to control the Site Server in Site B to deploy the image to any new servers or exisitng servers on the deployment Vlan in Site B remotely as well as any new servers and exisiting servers on the deployment vlan in Site A.

I just installed DMC on W2K8 R2 SP1 VM server (NS Server) with following by DMC installation guide and Altiris DS 7.1 installation guide.

But, I think DHCP and PXE server settings are not conifgured as expected during the installation procedure, but also I could not find a step by step guide to setup DHCP and PXE configuration properly.

Should I install DHCP server role and configure PXE setup separately from Windows Side? or if there is a simple configuration within DMC to enable those features?

Would you please guide me what to do next?

Here is my current conifguration page screenshot.