DMC and MD3200 Array

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DMC and MD3200 Array

  • Is there a way to get DMC to recognize and monitor the MD3200?

    I've set the SNMP community on the MD3200.  DMC discovers it as an unknown network device.  Yet there is a node in the DMC device list under Storage Devices for PowerVault MD Arrays which suggests that DMC has the intelligence to recognize and monitor that device.

  • Hi Jay, thanks for the post.

    1. Be sure you have the ip address of the MD array itself in the discovery range.

    2. Be sure you have enabled MD array in the connection profile (in the discovery wizard).




  • Rob,


     I just noticed the MD Array in the connection profile before I got your reply.  However enabling only the MD Array results in nothing being found at all.  Alt least with SNMP it discovers it as an unknown device.



  • Hmmm...curious.

    I don't think the MD arrays support discovery via SNMP.  They use a special proprietary API.  So that's why it has its own entry in the CP.

    Can you try the Troubleshooting tool to see if you have any luck connecting to it that way?  Tool is on the DMC DVD or download from the forum.

    Again, ip address of the array itself, not the host ip address.



  • Actually it just dawned on me that this is most likely a port connectivity issue.  What port does DMC use to discover the MD Array?  The array is in a different subnet than the DMC server and whatever port it's using is probably being blocked.

  • Ah, could be.  I think we have  a port doc in the whitepaper download section.  Can you check there?



  • No luck finding a whitepaper.  I'll keep digging other places.



  • We've got too many whitepapers :)


  • Awesome! Except for the MD Array isn't listed anywhere in that one :P

  • Rats!


    Ok, try the troubleshooting tool and let me know what it says.


  • All I get on that one is "TCP/IP connection could not be opened. Could not connect."

    So probably a blocked port.