Unable to push altiris client or dell open manage to Windows 2008 R2 clients

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Unable to push altiris client or dell open manage to Windows 2008 R2 clients

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I'm in the process of migrating from Dell ITA to the Dell Managment Console and it seemed to be going well except when I tried to push the altiris agent to my Windows 2008 R2 servers.

And recieved the following error in my log file

Priority: 2
Date: 10/14/2011 10:17:14 AM
Tick Count: 771970203
Host Name: xxxxxxxx
Process: AeXSvc (7848)
Thread ID: 120
Module: AeXSVC.exe
Source: Altiris.NS.Utilities.ClientPushMgr.OsVersionCheck
Description: Agent push to xxx IP xxxxxxxx not proceed. Required OS: Windows 2000; Detected OS: Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, Standard x64 Edition (Version: Version 6.1 (Build 7601 : Service Pack 1) (x64) Server Full Inst)

On a Windows 2008r2 server I was able to install the package by running it from the webpage however when I tried to push open manage 6.5 to the server I
recieved the following errors in my event log

<event date="Oct 14 16:34:54 +00:00" severity="2" hostName="xxxxxxxx" source="Altiris.TaskManagement.ClientTask.BaseClientTask.FilterAssignedComputerList" module="w3wp.exe" process="w3wp" pid="9400" thread="197" tickCount="769430234"><![CDATA[FilterAssignedComputerList: Removed 1 computers based on filter collections]]></event>

<event date="Oct 14 16:34:54 +00:00" severity="1" hostName="xxxxxxxx" source="AgentDeployDialog.CreateDeliveryTask" module="w3wp.exe" process="w3wp" pid="9400" thread="197" tickCount="769430234"><![CDATA[Failed to create delivery task: After scoping and filtering no computers are left assigned to this task.

<event date="Oct 14 16:34:54 +00:00" severity="1" hostName="xxxxxxxx" source="DMC.DMCAgentDeploy.Web.AgentDeployDialog.CreateOMSADeliveryTask" module="w3wp.exe" process="w3wp" pid="9400" thread="197" tickCount="769430234"><![CDATA[Could not create OMSA deployment task


I've been researching this but havent been able to make any progress any help would be appreciated.


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