IT organizations can find challenges from proprietary storage vendors when their storage requirements outpace their storage capacity and performance. Customers introduce new storage intensive projects to their data center, such as cloud, virtualization, and VDI, to complement their existing infrastructure of Archive/Back-up and home directories. It can be difficult to find flexible or scalable options for additional storage capacity or software capabilities/features that meet these new business initiatives.

Nexenta’s Software-defined Storage solution is designed to give customers the flexibility to build their storage infrastructure to meet their application requirements. Without propriety hardware and software, customers can use enterprise-class, off-the-shelf Dell hardware to meet their performance and financial goals.  Nexenta is designed to be scalable, allowing customers to grow their storage footprint as their business cases grow.

Together with Dell’s world-class support and hardware, Nexenta can offer a complete, fully scalable, and flexible enterprise storage solution. Leveraging Dell’s PowerEdge R620, R720, and R720xd, mated with the PowerVault MD12xx and MD3060e, Nexenta’s Software-defined Storage platform is designed to meet all customer storage requirements, including:

  • Unified storage - block and file supporting (NFS/CIFS, FTP, WebDAV, FC, iSCSI)
  • Integrated OpenStorage software solutions with modular, scalable Dell hardware
  • Unmatched enterprise features at substantial savings
  • Hybrid Storage Pools for high performance
  • Compression and De-duplication
  • End-to-end 128-bit data integrity
  • Unlimited file size and snapshots
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous replication

Dell and Nexenta have pre-configured hardware solutions to guide customers when building their ideal storage appliance. For more information about the solution hardware and partnership, contact your Dell sales representative.