New mobile devices and OS releases occur frequently, and with the launch of Windows 8 now a reality, IT organizations are charged with incorporating these new releases into their environment while still ensuring that the endpoints remain identified, secured and well-managed. These heterogeneous IT environments dramatically increase the risk of security breaches, and make a central point of control less and less a practical reality.

The Dell KACE K1000 Management Appliance can help you support your heterogeneous environment. The K1000 Appliance delivers added endpoint security controls and support for multiple new operating systems, to help ensure network-wide visibility and security, regardless of device. With the K1000 Management Appliance, you are able to: 

  • Manage the newest OS releases of Windows 8 x86, Mac OSX Mountain Lion, Red Hat 6, Ubuntu and SUSE Linux systems, in addition to existing Windows, Mac OSX and Red Hat systems
  • Obtain visibility of all desktops, laptops and servers on the network
  • Lay the foundation for a robust regulatory compliance implementation
  • Increase support for the growing BYOD phenomenon
  • Improve service desk ticket management and reporting

Learn more about how KACE Appliances can support Windows 8 devices and manage Mac and Linux environments.