Due to the proliferation of corporate and personal mobile devices, IT environments are demanding ever-increasing flexibility to meet mobile strategy needs. Dell Mobility Solutions can help you solve your most critical BYOD challenges – management and security – while you enjoy the benefits of increased productivity, customer engagement, and IT efficiency.

To help you embrace BYOD, Dell is pleased to announce our comprehensive Dell Mobile Management solutions that provide system, mobile device, and mobile application management. These scalable solutions enable you to easily manage personal mobile devices alongside corporate ones – all from a central console. Delivering security and policy management across a breadth of devices, Dell Mobile Management solutions incorporate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. You can even choose the deployment option that best fits your IT environment: Software as a Service (SaaS), an on-premise appliance, or on-premise software.

We also offer a Custom Application Development service that provides you with specialized applications that work on the varying mobile devices and platforms in your environment and meet your exact business needs. Our experts do a full assessment of your requirements, and then they design, build, test, and deploy your new application, supporting you throughout the transition.

If you’re looking for best practices on how to support BYOD in your environment, our Dell Mobility Strategy Consulting service stands ready to help. Our experienced consultants work directly with you to understand your specific needs and goals so they can define a comprehensive mobility strategy for your success now and in the future.

With Dell Mobility Solutions, you can embrace BYOD with ease and confidence. Learn more about how we can help at www.dellmobilitysolutions.com.