Help improve your SharePoint performance and lower storage costs, while storing more data efficiently & increasing scalability with Dell’s Unified Storage Solution for SharePoint. This solution combines the capabilities of Dell’s Fluid File System and Quest Storage Maximizer to deliver an industry differentiated integrated approach.   

Quest Storage Maximizer (SMAX) is the most efficient and lightest weight external storage solution for SharePoint on the market. Files that are typically housed within SQL can be externalized and stored on a Fluid File System (Fluid FS) thus reducing the burden on SQL and increasing SharePoint performance. SMAX installs on the SharePoint server itself and the user interface is accessed within the SharePoint Central Administration console, as such administrators don’t need to learn a new tool nor does IT need to deploy a management server. Additionally SMAX includes a built in reporting dashboard so that administrators can easily view the utilization and status of the environment.

Quest SMAX has been certified with Fluid FS, which means that all Dell NAS platforms based on it, be it EqualLogic, Compellent, or PowerVault, are supported. So you can have a Dell-based unified storage solution for SharePoint, and if your organization has an existing SharePoint deployment, even with a competitive brand, our Dell solution will interoperate within their infrastructure with no rip and replace or configuration changes for end user access.

Together Dell Fluid FS and Quest SharePoint Storage Maximizer can provide:

  • Externalization of SharePoint data to the Fluid File System
  • Ability to store SharePoint files to lower cost tiers, including cloud
  • Integration with SharePoint Central Administration
  • Compression and encryption of SharePoint files