Dell and SUSE have partnered to bring the hardware, software and services needed to deploy an enterprise-ready private cloud.  This offering is based on SUSE Cloud, the first enterprise-class, OpenStack-based private cloud solution, and is designed to help enterprises deploy an Infrastructure-as-a-Service private cloud in their own environment quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.

Dell’s early work with OpenStack proved to be somewhat challenging. The Dell engineers were concerned about the challenges customers would face installing it. But as John Igoe, executive director of the revolutionary cloud and big data group at Dell put it, “Opportunity presents itself in very unique ways.” John and his team created the Crowbar project, an open source software framework and community, to simplify the installation of OpenStack.

The Dell and SUSE collaboration and partnership has been a natural one from the beginning. This foray into open source software is somewhat new for Dell and they needed a partner to help them with the challenges of supporting a large-scale open source community like the Crowbar project. Dell identified SUSE as a perfect fit since SUSE has experience building scalable, production-quality, open source solutions that are easy to install.

SUSE, for its part, chose to base SUSE Cloud on the OpenStack project in response to customer demand and as a result of OpenStack’s broad industry support and vibrant community. However, SUSE also recognized the need for a tool to streamline and simplify installation in enterprise data centers. After evaluating options for this important aspect of SUSE Cloud, SUSE chose to go with Crowbar. The integration of Crowbar into SUSE Cloud speeds the deployment and eases the ongoing management of a private cloud environment.

Together, Dell and SUSE are hosting a series of seminars at Dell Solution Centers around the country to provide hands-on experience with the technology and to demonstrate how quickly and easily a private cloud can be built and deployed using SUSE Cloud. You are invited to learn how Dell and SUSE can help you build a private cloud to:

  • Decrease future operational and capital expenditures
  • Boost business agility
  • Improve service quality to the line of business

Click here to see dates and locations, or to register for one of the roadshows.

There are a limited number of spaces available as we are trying to keep the gatherings small, so please register early. And if you can’t attend one of the seminars, please contact your Dell sales representative to discuss your options for building a SUSE Cloud-based private cloud.