Last week at SUSECon, John Igoe from Dell discussed Dell’s entry into the world of open source when Dell began working with OpenStack and constructed Crowbar, a tool designed to simplify OpenStack installation.  John announced SUSE Cloud as the first OpenStack-based, enterprise-ready cloud reference architecture for Dell.

John went through the history behind the SUSE and Dell partnership and outlined the thinking and steps that brought the two companies together around SUSE Cloud and Crowbar. John is the executive director of the revolutionary cloud and big data group at Dell and saw OpenStack as an opportunity to get in on something big at the ground level.

Dell’s early work with OpenStack proved somewhat challenging as it had issues recognizing hardware and Dell engineers were concerned customers would not be able to install it. But Crowbar was born to simplify the installation of what would become OpenStack.

Dell has been known as a hardware company, and this foray into open source software was somewhat new and a partner was needed to help with the challenges of supporting a large-scale open source community. Dell recognized SUSE as a fit with the experience to build scalable, production-quality solutions that are easy to install.

SUSE Cloud is built on OpenStack, leveraging Crowbar, and running on SUSE Linux Enterprise server, to answer the needs of Dell’s customers for enterprise capabilities, and is being offered as an enterprise-ready OpenStack-based reference platform for Dell. That’s big news for SUSE, it’s big news for Dell, and it’s big news for customers as it answers their needs and requests for a solution that is ready to deploy on a large scale in their enterprise computing environments.

This announcement is just the beginning as SUSE and Dell will continue to work together to bring customers new and innovative solutions to their computing needs leveraging SUSE Cloud and Crowbar.

For more information, visit: SUSE and Dell Have a Cloudy Future.

Contributed by Nathan Barney.