There was a time when UNIX was all the rage and there’s no question that UNIX can offer reliability and performance, even today. But the difference between then and now is that Linux is now a cost-effective alternative and can maintain performance benefits.

With Linux, users can get lower hardware and licensing costs, and better price performance. SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server is a highly-rated, enterprise-class operating system with more than 9,200 supported applications for virtual and cloud environments. With that many supported applications, chances are good the applications you rely on will run on SUSE Linux Enterprise. And if you’re thinking about keeping some UNIX around there is no need worry, as SUSE Linux Enterprise interoperates with other operating systems often used in today's data centers.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, a Dell Tier 1 operating system, is the operating system of choice for more than 13,500 businesses worldwide using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to run their mission critical applications. From retail to automotive, financial services to telecommunications, SUSE Linux Enterprise has been selected to replace expensive UNIX systems while maintaining performance at significantly reduced cost.

Learn more about upgrading your UNIX data center with SUSE Linux Enterprise, and contact your Dell sales representative to find out how you can put Dell PowerEdge servers with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to work for you.