Symantec™ offers Protection Suite Enterprise Edition 4.0, with a number of key features for customers. They include:

  • Insight technology is designed to separate at-risk files from those that are safe, for faster and more accurate detection, as well as improved performance
  • Enhanced virtual infrastructure protection is designed  to whitelist baseline images, maintain a local virtual Insight cache, scan offline images, randomize scans and updates, and automatically identify and manage virtual clients
  • Real-time SONAR behavioral analysis can examine programs as they run, to help identify and stop malicious behavior even of previously unknown threats
  • Symantec™ Protection Center helps efficiently manage security,  providing a foundation for consolidated visibility, cross-product reporting, and real-time actionable intelligence across protection technologies
  • The 4.0 Suite includes Symantec™ Endpoint Protection, Symantec™ Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange, Symantec™ Mail Security for Domino, Symantec™ Messaging Gateway, Symantec™ Web Gateway, Symantec™ System Recovery, Symantec™ Workflow,  and IT Analytics


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