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  • Blog Post: A Broader Vision for Variabilization of IT

    Reduced risk is a key to many doors One of the most exciting trends sweeping the world of IT is also the hardest to say: variabilization. While it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, for many companies it has become a seven-syllable synonym for success. Specifically, the variabilization of...
  • Blog Post: Can Cloud Power the Future UK Tech Economy?

    Author Note: This is a guest post by Nick Hyner, director of Cloud Services for EMEA at Dell On 12th June, we held a cloud roundtable event in London. The aim was to facilitate a relaxed discussion around the question ‘Can cloud power the future UK tech economy?’ looking at the opportunities...
  • Blog Post: The Power of Being Informed

    Transform , Connect , Inform and Protect are the four pillars of Dell Services solutions that define what we do for our customers. In my last post, we explored why seamless, trouble-free connection for an organization’s employees and customers across multiple platforms and devices is so important...
  • Blog Post: Dell’s first Asia Pacific-based Solution Center opens in Shanghai

    The first of four global Dell Solution Centers planned for the APJ region was officially launched in Shanghai this week. We announced a $1bn investment in the development and implementation of solutions and services on April 7 th and the global Dell Solution Centers are a key part of this initiative...