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  • Blog Post: Dell XPS systems and Precision Workstations are worthy high-end machines

    Since Marco Ament complained about it , I’ve noticed others chiming in on the topic of Apple’s minor update to the Mac Pro line of desktops. Posts from Ars Technica , CNET , and MacRumors are all saying similar things. For those of you out there who don’t want to wait and aren’t...
  • Blog Post: Balancing End-user Demands and IT Control with New Latitude and OptiPlex Lines

    We’ve been hard at work to refresh our portfolio of Latitude laptops and OptiPlex desktops for business. We focused our efforts on the ever-important balance between end-user and IT needs and wants with durable, sophisticated design and productivity features backed by the industry’s best...
  • Blog Post: How Dell Launches Products on Direct2Dell

    Dell being a product company, it kinda makes sense that some of our most popular blog posts are the ones where we share details on upcoming products. A few years ago, after we launched several Dell blogs after Direct2Dell, many readers complained that it was too difficult to find blog posts about our...
  • Blog Post: Intel Ivy Bridge Goodness Coming Soon

    Hello, technophiles! There’s been a lot of anticipation surrounding Intel’s next-generation processor technology, a.k.a. “Ivy Bridge.” A quick look at PC Mag’s write up on the technology goes a long way to explaining why. More power under the hood is always a good thing...