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  • Blog Post: Innovation in the Cloud – Dell Boomi Summer 12

    At Dell Boomi , we love the dynamic and fast-paced cloud computing landscape. It changes often and quickly, with the passionate cloud community introducing new and better applications and services in the cloud. While this can make the industry tough to keep up with, the Dell Boomi team is up for the...
  • Blog Post: Dell Cloud Provides End-to-End Computing now with Cloud On Demand

    Dell Cloud delivers secure, simple access to powerful enterprise-class cloud resources available globally for discriminating customers. With industry leading public, private, and hybrid cloud technology, Dell Cloud offers on-demand access for anyone who wants safe, reliable, and immediate cloud services...
  • Blog Post: Integration Without Borders

    The global nature of business today means that IT operations are now distributed across a vast variety of locations – from retail and operations branches to corporate subsidiaries and even home offices. In each location, local applications are used, cloud services are accessed and – ultimately...
  • Blog Post: Data Here, There, Anywhere: Putting Integration in the Cloud

    Last year, I read an article that stated there were now 2,500 new SaaS companies with an application portfolio growing at 5X of the pace of on-premise applications. While the popularity of SaaS applications and cloud has increased dramatically, and brought greater productivity to users, I believe there...