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  • Blog Post: Windows XP Rides Off into the Sunset

    Microsoft's Windows XP operating system has had a heck of a run. We've blogged about the Windows Vista downgrade program and the Windows XP End of Life back in 2008 . Some of you may have seen some recent blog posts about Microsoft's plan to phase out the Windows XP operating system, and...
  • Blog Post: CSI, Jaws and Digital Forensics

    While the 'CSI effect' has glamorised and highlighted the importance of forensics to the public, it bears little reality to the hard work, long hours and challenges faced by the analysts who extract evidence from digital devices. In the real world, police forces are experiencing major problems...
  • Blog Post: Dell on Google's Chrome OS and More

    There's been a lot of buzz in the blogosphere since Google announced the Chrome OS last week. For those of you who didn't follow the discussions, the Chrome OS is an experience-targeted cloud OS that has the potential to push the boundaries and definition of the alternative operating environment...
  • Blog Post: Dell Driver Download Manager

    I would like to share some details on an important update for the Drivers & Downloads application on . Recently, we completed the launch of the new Dell Driver Download Manager. This new functionality, which is available globally across all of, has been created to...