CES has been the event for the launch of major entertainment technology innovations such as the VCR, CD players, HDTV, satellite radio and OLED TV. So, it made some waves when Fiat Chrysler recently picked the 50th anniversary CES over the Detroit auto show to reveal a new vehicle.

But, as Dell Technologies research shows, for businesses to play a part in the next industrial revolution, they must transform digitally. Our customer Jaguar Land Rover recently gave insight into how they’re doing that when they unveiled a concept electric vehicle using virtual reality.

“Powering the VR experience for the press were 66 Dell Precision workstations, each with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPUs onboard. In addition, Dell Precision workstations were also used during the design and development phase of the I-Pace Concept, and will likely continue to be used as the vehicle makes its transition to production form,” Hot Hardware reported.

Technology analyst Rob Enderle said the event was an amazing experience and it even led him to sign up to buy one. He added: “Dell, HTC, and Jaguar are changing not only how you buy cars but how you design, build, and buy them.”