From virtual reality in education to NextGen Marketing to new product development, there was no shortage of innovative projects for Dell’s summer 2016 interns. We spoke to a few interns (past and present) about their projects and what it was like to be on the frontlines of innovation, working to make the world a more connected, integrated place.


Technology Improving the Educational Landscape Globally

Ricky Tan is pursuing his MBA at Northwestern University after working as a mechanical engineer in research and development. This summer, he was a member of the Product Strategy and Innovation team working on virtual reality in education.

Tan noticed that Dell isn’t innovating for the sake of innovation. They are working to solve real problems: improving education access and using virtual reality to provide experiences students couldn’t otherwise have.

“I'm looking to provide students multiple perspectives on a problem,” Tan said. “Let's say you're learning about physics. Not only can you see an electron traveling through space, you can be the electron traveling in space. It will help students learn on a deeper level.”

Tan’s work was inclusive of both U.S. and global markets. He and his team are considering how their work could enable a student in China to experience the Grand Canyon, for example. 

“At Dell, virtual reality is not just another mode of media. We’re enabling students to trick their minds into believing that they’re in a different place,” Tan said. “It can unlock better learning opportunities and outcomes.”