While planning our first purpose-built IoT gateway, the Dell Edge Gateway 5000 Series, we realized one of the biggest challenges to IoT project success is a cultural one. IoT is where the Information Technology (IT) organization and Operations Technology (OT) teams (think Engineering, Manufacturing and Facilities) have to bridge their differing business approaches to create a unifying platform for both sides.

The OT organization is the one typically driving IoT initiatives. IT involvement is likely to evolve and grow over time, but they have concerns about technical fluidity, the lack of security and the inconsistent architecture. As we’ve worked alongside our partners and early adopters to develop the edge gateway, we learned that one of the useful roles we can take on for IoT is that of mediator between Operations and IT. To the IT side we want to say: IoT has put the IT into OT, so accept it as a new challenge and opportunity. For the OT folks: Adding an IP address to an OT device carries it into the oversight of the IT department, and it becomes a stakeholder. Working past the differences is useful, we believe, with enriching developments in store for those who make the strongest connections.

What is an IoT gateway? Watch this 3-minute Dell video.