By Dell

The way work is getting done is changing forever – but it’s not all changing the same as every industry and role has different technology and environment needs.  Job responsibilities are being met at home, at client locations, even in public spaces like coffee shops and public transportation – and even within the employer’s walls, the environment looks a lot different. Whether it’s having access to an entire set of company data and documents on a mobile device via the cloud or using a virtual desktop to actually bring the office desk experience with you—technology is constantly pushing the way we work to be more efficient and productive – for the employer it means better outputs, closer to the customer and pointing to a better bottom line and for the employee it means better work/life balance and satisfaction. Dell and Intel have commissioned TNS Global to undertake a global project to identify and explore key future trends and themes pertaining to the workplace and workforce, and in particular, the role that technology has played in their evolution. By uncovering these trends, Dell and Intel aim to provide a better understanding of how organizations and IT can support new work environments today and in years to come. The first study results were shared in 2011 and we’ve recently launched our 2014 report. A robust global study of nearly 5,000 workers in 12 countries and 9 industries, with inputs from 20+ industry experts broken into two parts.