Dell Delivers 4K for less than $1K! Dell’s 28-inch Ultra HD Monitor priced at $699


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Dell Delivers 4K for less than $1K! Dell’s 28-inch Ultra HD Monitor priced at $699

Now Showing at CES: Dell’s 28-inch Ultra HD Monitor priced at $699

At CES this week, some of the next-generation technologies that will likely generate a ton of buzz are Ultra HD “4K” resolution monitors, televisions and cameras. Delivering four times the resolution of Full HD, many tech enthusiasts and industry experts expect 4K to become the next standard in high definition content, and are eager to see more affordable displays enter the market. At Dell we are excited to be a leader in Ultra HD monitor products and performance, and at CES we are previewing the Dell 28 Ultra HD Monitor (P2815Q), the industry’s most affordable 4K Monitor offered at just $699.  When it goes on sale later this month, consumers worldwide will be able to enjoy incredible Ultra HD clarity when viewing videos, editing photos, playing games or any other task requiring the best-possible screen resolution.

With Dell’s affordable high-performance 3840 x 2160 resolution Ultra HD monitor, you can literally see more and do more. An expansive 28-inch wide screen and multiple adjustability features, including the ability to pivot to portrait mode, improve viewer comfort and  help boost productivity. In addition, multiple ports provide extensive connectivity options so you can display content from smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs on the large Ultra HD screen for easy viewing and sharing of images and videos.

The P2815Q offers the same remarkable Ultra HD screen performance as the Dell UltraSharp 32 and Dell UltraSharp 24 Ultra HD Monitors. At just $699, it fits your budget and offers extremely sharp and detailed images on the most advanced monitor technology currently available. The P2815Q also offers the choice of a monitor stand or wall mount, and available accessories such as a stereo sound bar, monitor arm and premium lock help maximize versatility.

The Dell 28 Ultra HD Monitor will be available globally on January 23, 2014, so please follow us and register your interest by clicking this link for more details.

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  • Just picked one up -- price was to good not to try.

    ATI Radeon HD 4650 (/RV730?) won't run it at full resolution on HDMI, even with Hz set down to 30. Read somewhere about 'OverScan', but can't find any place to turn off OverScan.  Really think I jsut have the wrong card. Which ones work with, or what should I look for to be sure one will work with this monitor at the 30Hz that it is limited to at full resolution (3840x2160).

  • @ssepan1 - Our review partner Anandtech maintains GPU recommendations, that we trust. Their latest recommendation is a Radeon R9 290: