Last month at Dell World, we announced a partnership with Dropbox to bring industry-leading solutions to consumers and businesses.  And today, we’re excited to announce that, as of January 1st, US customers now receive 20GB of free Dropbox space for a year with the purchase of a new Dell Venue tablet or Dell XPS, Inspiron or Alienware PCs.   

As illustrated below, Dropbox will be automatically available for download when you turn on your new system via Dell Digital Delivery.  Customers can also check here for offer eligibility and to receive their free 20GB.  Additionally, by summer 2014, these Dell consumer devices will come preloaded with the Dropbox application and a 20GB account for 1 year for all customers worldwide.

Dell now offers consumers two cloud-based options for storing and accessing data. With Dropbox and/or PocketCloud, Dell customers can easily access content anywhere, on any device.  

PocketCloud--also available on all new Dell Venue tablets and XPS and Inspiron PCs-- is a great way to access files located on a home PC desktop from any device.  PocketCloud allows you to create your own personal cloud to safely and securely store and access all of your valuable content on your devices. With PocketCloud, you also can access and share any file you save to your Dropbox space from all of your computers, smartphones or tablets and even the Dropbox website.

Together Dropbox and PocketCloud help eliminate the common problems and inconveniences faced when you don’t have instantaneous access to your data, such as: “Where’s my thumb drive?” and “I forgot to download that file!” or “Mom, can you run back and get my homework?”

In the coming months, Dropbox and PocketCloud will be integrated into a seamless interface for Dell customers— creating an easy-to-use personal cloud solution that allows customers to have access to their files from anywhere that’s unsurpassed by the competition.