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Dell Venue 11 Pro tablet now available on

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On the heels of our Dell Venue 7, Venue 8 and Venue 8 Pro tablets, the Venue 11 Pro is now available for purchase on in the United States and in select countries around the world.

The eagerly anticipated Venue 11 Pro is the ultimate choice for flexible computing: it packs the power of an Ultrabook, with the portability of a tablet and convenience of various keyboard options. Based on Windows 8.1, the Venue 11 Pro stands out from the competition with a removable/replaceable battery, and a knock-out high-resolution, 10.8-inch Full HD IPS display (1920 x 1080) with wide viewing angles.  Customers can nimbly switch between reading and creating content, while IT managers can rest assured that data is protected with a FIPS compliant TPM, an optional smartcard and fingerprint reader, and the ability to factory install Dell Data Protection solutions for encryption and authentication. The Venue 11 Pro is also easily managed with Dell’s unique Intel vPro extensions and SCCM integration.

To maximize productivity and so that you can work the way you want, Dell offers a variety of accessories, keyboard options and a dock solution to make working with your tablet easy.

  • Dell Active Stylus: easily annotate, draw or take notes, $34.99
  • Tablet Keyboard Mobile: Increase battery life by 50% and benefit from all-day productivity with full-sized, well-spaced Chiclet keys and a high-precision gesture touchpad, $159.99
  • Tablet Keyboard Slim: This super thin, light weight design is perfect for travel, work or school, and also protects the screen, $129.99
  • Dell Tablet Dock: Snap into this dock for full productivity on your desk with 3 USB 3.0 ports and dual display out ports (HDMI and DP ports for display extension), $139.99

The Venue 11 Pro starts at $499.99 with an Intel Atom processor, $799.99 with a Core i3 processor, and $849.99 with a Core i5 processor.  Order yours today, and enjoy unmatched versatility while on-the-go.

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  • When will the 8 GB RAM, 256 GB storage versions of Dell Venue 11 Pro be available?  

  • I would also like to know when the 8GB RAM version will be available, as well as when the dock will be available.

  • I totally like the idea of a 3 in 1 device. I have been putting off getting a tablet or a laptop, because I like using a desktop, but I have been wanting a tablet for sometime. My current Desktop is old, so Venue 11 and dock  will be replacing it.

    I will be waiting for the 8 GB RAM version and I also would like the Mobile broadband LTE.

    I would like to also know if the i5-4300Y is slated for a more expensive Venue 11 or if it will be another $50 upgrade.

    This is what I would like to see.

    • Intel® Core™ i5 4300Y processor (3MB Cache, 1.6 GHz Dual -Core)

    • 128 GB solid state storage

    • 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Memory

    • Intel® GT2 Graphics

    • Dell Wireless 5808E (4G LTE/HSPA/EVDO)

    • 37Whr, Swappable battery


  • I haven't been able to find details on the Tablet Keyboard Mobile (the one with the battery).  Does this keyboard have any ports itself (HDMI, USB, Network)?  Is there a power input on the keyboard?  Can you power the tablet by docking it in the keyboard (without plugging in the tablet itself to a power supply)?

    I'm wondering if the keyboard can be used as a dock.

  • SpedInFargo,

    From what I can tell from the pictures from here

    It does not look like the keyboard acts like a dock and does not add more USB ports or display ports. The only port I see is on the part that connects to the Venue 11. It looks like a micro-USB port, so we should be able to charge the keyboard while it is not connected to the Venue 11. In the text it mentions, "It charges with your tablet's micro-USB cable."

  • I would appreciate more information about the display screen glass: what type of scratch-resistant glass is used? For example, is it Corning Gorilla Glass, another type? Please specify.

  • I see an 8 GB RAM, 256 GB storage Dell Venue Pro 11 is showing up on the website.  It comes up when one chooses tablets for business (or work) depending on where one is on the website.  The estimated ship date is December 9, 2013.  It certainly is impressive.

  • I am only seeing the 8 GB 256 GB options available on the Premier site. I want to buy this for my personal use, not for work. I don't understand why the higher-end options are not available on the consumer site, or on my EPP site. ?? Does anyone from Dell monitor these comments and respond? So far I have seen no response from Dell to people's questions.

  • Hello - so happy to see so much interest for the Venue 11 Pro! I love it too. I'm tracking down answers to your questions and I think I have all of them now.

    @BettyBB, @ColleenRJ, @gregpolen - the 8GB option of the Venue 11 Pro is available through the "for work" section of So if you're on the home page, select "for work" at the top, then tablets, then Venue 11 Pro. You do not need to order in volume to purchase it, you can be a business of one. :-) As this product is suitable for both home users and businesses, we have some configurations on one page or the other based on customer demand.

    @gregpolen - configurations with a core i5-4300Y processor are also available in the "for work" section.

    @ColleenRJ - the dock is available here:

    @spedinfargo - the tablet mobile keyboard has a battery so that it extends the use of the tablet when connected. It does not however work as a dock - so it does not have additional ports, except for the micro USB port for charging. Details are available here:

    @saratogacoach - the Venue 11 Pro and Venue 8 Pro have Corning Concore strengthened glass.

  • OK, I finally found where one can get some of the higher-end features. It depends on how you get to the page. If you approach the page from some shortcuts, you end up with very few options, whereas if you approach it from other shortcuts you get eight options, including the higher end ones. Still not seeing a mobile broadband option, though, which I thought was going to be available. ??

  • @ColleenRJ and others. Mobile broadband options are coming later this year. We will let people know once they're available.

    For those who have had difficulty finding the higher spec configurations for the Venue 11 Pro. You can find them via the following path:

    For Work -> Tablets -> Venue 11 Pro -> above where you see the five tablets across the page, it says "viewing 1-5 of 8" with an option to go to a second page. They're on the second page. Or click here:

  • Yes you can find a Venue Pro 11 with 8Gb on business site, but we cant use our EPP coupon there!  So frustrating...

  • Yes, I agree with Ozwulf... And I think Dell is missing some opportunities here, only putting the more well-equipped models on the business site. Of course, I'm no marketing genius, so maybe I'm wrong, but I would think there would be a lot of people who would like more RAM who will not think to go to the business site, and will be disappointed that the options on the home site are so limited. They will probably decide to buy something else, instead of calling and asking about it, or searching the blogs.

  • Hi, is the Venue 11 pro slim keyboard practical for use on one's lap? i.e. in a bus or something...its hard to tell from the photos. Many thanks

  • I will sit tight & wait for the Mobile Broadband versions. Then I plan to purchase 3-4 for my mobile workforce to replace our current Samsung Ativ 500T SmartPC 2-in-1 tablets which also have Mobile Broadband. The more powerful CPUs in the Venue 11 Pro will be a fantastic upgrade for us.