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Dell's Next Chapter

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On Oct. 29, we successfully completed the merger transaction with Silver Lake Partners, and, now, Dell is officially a private company again. This was a tough fight, but we made it—and it is totally worth it!

We are entering an exciting new chapter as a private enterprise, and more than ever our 110,000 global team members are 100 percent focused on delivering quality solutions and greater value to you—our customers and partners.

I couldn’t be more energized or optimistic about the path we’re on. We have the right strategy, financial strength and now the freedom to accelerate our investments in the solutions that mean the most to you.

Take a quick look at the 30-year journey to get here. With our customers and partners at our side, the best is yet to come!

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  •  When you first announced your hope of Dell once again being freed from the Corporate Walls held hostage to Wall Street, my first response of “finally!” was not expressed in a vacuum, but rather was the voice of gratitude; it appeared that a prayer was soon to be answered. Regardless of the path traveled, I am genuinely excited for you and very thankful that you have been given the rare opportunity to go back to the original ideals and passion that fueled an incredible journey. Congratulations Michael!

    I remember well, my drive to your office, for a meeting you had initiated. I knew, not being a person you would have any reason to fear, or a person you could be defeated by with a strategy which would tie your hands, that there was a purpose much larger and with more in the balance than just a response to customers with a concern, and I began to specifically pray that somehow more would done for you and that more would be given to you regardless of whether or not I was “successful” in communicating the needs of hurting customers who amazingly had chosen me; a person who just 18 months earlier didn’t know what a video card was!

    Since that day in 2006 I have prayed each day for whatever it was that led you to do something that according to the person at a desk within your personal office complex remarked when I left, “In the 10 years I have worked here, you are the first customer to appear out of nowhere, which I know of, that Michael has personally initiated an invitation to his office for a personal meeting; and a long one at that!”

    Having walked countless Dell halls behind corporate walls and sitting in more meetings than I can remember, I was prepared yet still surprised as I was constantly reminded that as a customer, I was filled with an uncontainable excitement, spilling out ideas and opportunities, which were in a strange kind of way making me sad for I couldn't help but realize that Corporate Walls had produced the exact same symptoms in Dell employees as the Public Educational Walls had infected students.

    I kept asking myself over and over, how could a customer appear to want more for a company and have so many obvious ideas and solutions to “clear and present danger” problems, which were all unmatched by those dedicated to the company as employees? It quickly became clear that the customer symptoms I was observing were identical to the student symptoms, both with a common cause and both in need of the only possible response which had allowed me access to the starting point of true education. It is in the heart where one can help to rekindle a priceless self-value, curiosity, enthusiasm, hope, and the safety to dream again.

    Walls, whether “Corporate” or “Educational”, have an amazingly similar impact on the people inside. Without breaking down walls and creating a trust, which in the case of damaged students, required leaving performance and test scores at a safe distance, knowing that what meager profit gained by outward success, would have been almost exclusively for the benefit, not of those who were meant to leave, but for those who were settled in behind the walls.

    Decades which focused on caring for people behind the multitudes of walls found around the world, turned out to be the preparation needed when I walked back into the classroom after 25 years of working in Asia, and also what I needed when I first pulled open the first large glass door on a massive Dell building housing its world corporate leaders. Had a Corporate Education and Experience portfolio been my foundation from which to "impress" and gain a listening ear, it would have rendered me useless, void of the passion which thousands of customers were counting on.

    I am thankful that you had miraculously remained uniquely gifted and sensitive, even after the many years had passed since the passion first took hold of a young "kid", literally outside; a place void of walls. You were able to see and hear what most corporate leaders would have day-dreamed through. From the moment we sat down to talk, I was convinced, and therefore not at all surprised by your recent excitement to be "free" again; for I never saw eyes that looked "through me" or "beyond me", as I was confident when we parted ways, that like a mirror, I was possibly a remainder of the passion which still burned brightly in your heart. There were no walls in your office that day, and although we had walked different paths on opposite sides of the planet, I left a man who remained humbly passionate for the needs of others, incorruptible by the world’s definition of success.

    I pray that this new freedom will allow you to run the next leg of life’s race unhindered by the weight which can slow us down; weights which often are nothing more than the building-blocks walls are made of. In the thank-you gift I have yet to give you, I now can clearly see that it expresses the desires and passion of the heart which brought you to this new and exciting journey. I will trust you won’t be surprised this time, as you weren’t the first time, if you are informed that this man lacking any of the credentials to warrant an appointment on a very busy calendar, who some call “GB”, comes bearing gifts!

  • Great for Dell! But customer service is horrible! Trying to convince customers to shop elsewhere instead of fixing the mistakes Dell makes. So sad!!