I’m a tool guy. Growing up in a large family, it was critical to learn to do things myself, so I still work on my own car and do my own household repairs. We all know that any job is easier with the right tools, and that is why I’m excited about my new role as Product Manager for Dell™ EqualLogic™ PS Series host software. I will also be working on sustaining our in-market EqualLogic arrays to ensure that you continue to derive value from your existing purchases—whether it is through increasing your TBs of storage or updating to the most recent software available.

I’ve been with Dell for a decade now working on the PowerVault™ storage line in a number of different capacities. I moved to the EqualLogic line in spring of this year, and am gaining a tremendous appreciation for the advanced software included with EqualLogic arrays and the benefits the host integration software tools bring to your storage infrastructure. I’m pleased that my first launch as an EqualLogic product manager introduces the addition of System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) 2012 SP1 storage management support into the Host Integration Tools for Microsoft 4.6 (HIT/MS 4.6), bringing you:

  • Reduced complexity for storage management in infrastructures using Microsoft® Windows Server® and Hyper-V®
  • Sophisticated optimization that enables you to rapidly provision virtual environments to the Enterprise
  • Automated ease with PowerShell cmdlets so you can easily automate repetitive tasks

SCVMM provides tight integration with the Windows Server 2012 Storage Management Provider (SMP) and enablement via a SCVMM 2012 SP1 Update for Windows Server 2012. We all know that EqualLogic was designed with virtualization in mind. And SCVMM now makes it even easier to deploy virtual machines—so you can simply automate the discovery, allocation and assignment of storage assets in virtualized environments. Hector Linares, Senior Program Manager on the Microsoft SCVMM team, details the benefits of SCVMM in his blog along with detailed feature descriptions and basic usage scenarios.

 Some of the features that I know will be popular with EqualLogic customers include:

  • Volume provisioning from Dell EqualLogic Storage (create volumes on a host or cluster managed by SCVMM)
  • Rapid VMM Provisioning with VM templates used to provision VMs to a managed host or cluster—individually or in a batch—using the SAN to transfer instead of the network
  • VM Migration which allows migrating VMs between clusters and hosts—from host to cluster as well as from cluster to host
  • Smart Copy Operations: Auto-Snapshot Manager (introduced to the Host Integration Tools for Microsoft in version 4.5) will be able to take Smart Copies of VMs created from rapid provisioning and restore

In addition, this release brings support for Microsoft® Exchange 2013 and Microsoft® SharePoint 2013. EqualLogic users with an active support contract can download HIT/Microsoft 4.6 from the EqualLogic Support website at no additional cost. Visit the EqualLogic Software page for more information about HIT/Microsoft 4.6, as well as other Host Integration Toolkits, SAN Headquarters, and EqualLogic array software.

You provide the inspiration, and we keep innovating! There are many new projects in the pipeline for EqualLogic, and I’m looking forward to keeping you up to date as new releases become available. Join the Dell Storage community via Facebook and Twitter, and check out other Dell Social Media channels. You can also follow me (@WalczakKyle) and the EqualLogic product line on Twitter to stay up to date on the latest EqualLogic offerings.