Following this year’s NAB 2013 theme, “Metamorphosis:  The Changing Face of Media and Entertainment”, Dell is taking a bold stance on how it can help customers radically transform their operations and business models around datacenter technologies.   

Dell and partners will showcase solutions that cut operational costs, improve collaborative possibilities and make it easier for multiple vendors to share technical resources that have historically been unstandardized and redundant. Dell is launching Dell Create, a Dell Professional Services consulting engagement, answering enterprises that want to reduce operational costs while creating an efficient environment for joint delivery of a broad range of media-related solutions that operate seamlessly together. 

“If you look at the way studios and broadcasters have traditionally formed workflow,” Chad Andrews, Dell’s vertical strategist for Media & Entertainment, “There has been a tremendous amount of redundancy.  Workflow is usually the product of dozens of applications and platforms that are combined in something akin to a linear manufacturing process.  There have been benefits to the customer working with several niche vendors to solve individual pain points, but there has been a cost in that these solutions were not designed to work together fluidly, and they don’t.”