Pivot 3 logoPivot3, a Dell OEM customer, is quite the veteran when it comes to working with the Dell OEM custom engineering team.  They have been utilizing our services for a few years now.  Last year, Zac showed how we customized a PowerEdge R510-12 for them by adding a flash DOM boot device that also required designing custom cabling & BIOS modifications.

This year they came back with some new requirements and Zac and our team produced some outstanding work. In fact, he had so much to show that I broke it up into two videos.

In the first video, Zac showed how we replaced the optical drive location of a PowerEdge R320 with a MO297A flash device mounted on a custom bracket.  He also demonstrates how we had to change out the normal power-cable and design a custom power cable.  Also, for their specific application Pivot3 wanted to use a different storage controller than what is offered on the standard R320 which also required another custom cable.