Those of you who have read my posts in the past know that I’ve blogged about Dell making a transition from being just a hardware provider to an end–to–end solutions provider.  All of  the acquisitions we've made over the last several years are helping us make that transition, but beyond acquisitions, we've worked to bring server, storage and networking hardware together to make unique solutions focused on solving business problems that impact our customers every day. A recent example would be our Active Infrastructure solution.

These solutions can get pretty complex in a hurry and that’s a big reason why Dell World exists: it allows us to showcase the current state of our solutions to thousands of customers who attend,  and more importantly, to discuss trends and challenges that can shape future solutions or help us iterate current solutions.

Today we had a Dell World Influencer Panel and Q&A where Michael Dell was joined by Steve Felice, Marius Haas, Jeff Clarke, Suresh Vaswani and John Swainson. Below is the highlight video that summarizes session. You can check out the discussion in its entirety here.