The idea behind Dell Data Center Solutions (DCS) all started with a sketch on the back of a napkin.  A new breed of customer – Internet companies building giant data center capacity – found themselves in need of a new type of server to support their massive scale. This trend didn't go unnoticed over at Dell. In 2007, an intrepid band of scrappy, entrepreneurial-minded engineers under Forrest Norrod saw this opportunity and created a business targeted at specifically addressing these unique needs, and a new server segment along the way. They began creating solutions around servers designed specifically for massive scale environments or what would become known as the cloud.

This group combined a start-up mentality with the resources of a global technology powerhouse – the perfect synergy of pioneer spirit, innovative thinking, and deep technical and marketplace expertise.

Our customers – not your average, every day data center operators, but Internet companies, big data crunchers and HPC clients - count on us to deliver complex, tailored computing solutions that address their unique needs. It’s been our privilege and our pleasure to deliver those solutions to them, one million times over.

Here's a video that gives an overview of how the DCS team supports our customers: