Every once in a while, technology comes together to give you exceptional value—and the merging of speed, capacity, and cost-effectiveness is just such a case. To deliver all three benefits without making the typical trade-offs between performance, cost and capacity is paradigm shifting. Our Dell EqualLogic PS65x0 Series arrays have been more popular than we ever imagined—combining exceptional capacity and density. Based on your feedback, we have added a boost of performance to that capacity and density, essentially shattering that paradigm, so you are always ready for the next big thing. With the new Dell EqualLogic PS6510ES and PS6500ES arrays (announced August 20, 2012 and available Fall 2012; see video overview below), you get performance when you need it and cost-effectiveness when you want it—all in a single customizable array that can easily and automatically be configured to meet your needs. Our design team carefully engineered this hybrid ratio of 41 NL-SAS drives turbo-charged with 7 SSD drives to handle some real-life workloads that were presented by customers at our recent Dell Storage Forum’s “Geek Bar.”

Dell EqualLogic PS65x0ES overview video: