Written by : Deepak Kanwar and Stephen Spector

As organizations continue to move up the virtualization maturity ladder, they are looking at private clouds to bring greater agility and efficiency to their environment. By pooling IT assets and exposing them via Infrastructure as a Service to their employees/customers, private cloud can quickly enhance employee productivity and experience. Instead of waiting for days, authorized IT users can now get access to IT assets in a matter of minutes. As their needs change, these users can quickly ramp up or ramp down their capacity bringing unprecedented agility to the organization.  Unfortunately, building private clouds can be challenging. Organizations can spend months just readying the infrastructure to underpin the private cloud as they go through the process of design/architect, test, procure and configure. Implementing cloud management software on top takes additional time and may require a different set of skills. As their needs grow often these organizations realize that their solutions do not scale well especially for multi-vendor solutions.

With Dell’s vStart for Private Cloud solution, these challenges are minimized if not eliminated. Delivered pre-engineered and pre-built and with included deployment services the vStart for Dell Private Cloud allows organizations to take advantage of their own private clouds in days not months. Built upon Dell’s pre-engineered and pre-built virtualization infrastructure solution, vStart and Dell’s cloud management solution, VIS Creator, vStart for Dell Private Cloud enables advanced private cloud capabilities such as sprawl control, showback and out of the box audit capabilities. The solution is designed to scale to easily accommodate growing needs, the infrastructure can be scaled vertically, by adding additional compute or storage capacity or horizontally, by adding additional racks. Companies looking to leverage the public cloud for its (supposedly) infinitesimal on-demand capacity from either a tactical perspective – cloud bursting or from a strategic perspective where parts of their workload continue in the public clouds can easily do so through the hybrid model. vStart for Dell Private cloud continues to be the in-house cloud as they reach out to vCloud for their additional needs.