Intel Ivy Bridge Goodness Coming Soon

Intel Ivy Bridge Goodness Coming Soon


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Intel Ivy Bridge Goodness Coming Soon

Hello, technophiles!

There’s been a lot of anticipation surrounding Intel’s next-generation processor technology, a.k.a. “Ivy Bridge.” A quick look at PC Mag’s write up on the technology goes a long way to explaining why. More power under the hood is always a good thing in the computer world.

I’d like to let everyone know that we here at Dell are just as excited as you are about these soon-to be-released CPUs, and that it’s been hard not to say anything.

While I  still can’t say too much at this point, what I can tell you is you should be on the lookout for updates to our product lines very soon. Ivy Bridge is just around the corner, and we always want to provide our customers with the latest technology they’re looking for.

Next week, we’ll clarify more Ivy Bridge-related details on the recently-updated Alienware laptops, and we’ll have more Ivy Bridge news on new Vostro and XPS desktops. Stay tuned…

Update from Lionel: To make it easier to see all Ivy Bridge-related products that we've made official, here's a running list I'll work to update: 


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  • ...the tension and excitement mounts. :-]

  • Can't wait!! thanks.

  • Things I want in the next XPS - Options for higher-wattage power supply and the GeForce 660 when it gets released.

  • any news for xps l521x and xps l721x? what it will be looks like. hehe

  • Just so you see it, the Ivy Bridge-based Alienware gaming laptops are now official.

  • Still waiting for a new XPS15 laptop with Ivy-Bridge...

  • me waiting for xps 17 with ivy bridge. couldn't wait anymore. ARGHHH

  • will the be any xps laptops released with ivy bridge ????

  • @gowtham1994, @Prof.Dre, and @ErikSchoof: The XPS 14 and XPS 15 systems are now official. Packed with Ivy Bridge and a lot more. See my blog post here: