We are so proud to introduce the new Dell Precision tower workstation line. The new Dell Precision T1650, T3600, T5600 and T7600 not only have a beautiful industrial design but also offer superb power, dependability and manageability so you, our customers, can focus on your mission-critical work. The Dell Precision T1650, T3600, T5600 and T7600 workstations will be available for purchase worldwide starting in May. 

Dell Precision Workstation - T series desktops

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Update: All these new workstation tower systems are available for order via Dell.com. 

Customers played a significant role in helping us develop new designs for this tower series. We solicited input from top engineering, finance, software development, scientific, and media & entertainment companies on what they were looking for in a professional workstation.  That data helped to drive new design innovations including:

  • Award winning, best-in-class chassis for superior serviceability
  • Split chassis design to separate the power supply and hard drives from the motherboard and graphics (Dell Precision T7600)
  • Easy rack mounting  to remove the workstation from the user’s desk to secure data

Update: To see more images of these new machines, take a look at the Dell Precision Workstation Towers album on Dell's Google+ page.

Here's a YouTube video that highlights some of the key features of the Dell Precision T7600: