Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) and the Dell Venue Pro


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Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) and the Dell Venue Pro

Anyone who follows the mobile products space knows the OS upgrades are a pretty big deal for many. Several customers on Twitter like @M_Taylor40, @samsabri, @SlapdashMusings and @Uvetcha have been asking for an update on Mango. And yesterday, Eric Hautala published an update regarding Mango over at the Windows Phone blog.

Here’s what I can say at this point: later this fall, we will be supporting Mango for customers in the U.S., EMEA and India with unlocked versions of the Venue Pro. We will also support the Mango upgrade for those with T-Mobile, Cincinnati Bell Wireless locked versions of the phone.

Regarding customers with AT&T-locked units, more information will be forthcoming. When I confirm definitive plans here, I will provide an update. Just to make sure I'm being as clear as possible, here's a summary:

Venue Pro + Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) OS update:

We will support the upgrade from Windows Phone 7 to Mango for the following:

  • Customers with Unlocked Venue Pro units
  • Customers with T-Mobile and Cincinnati Bell SIM-Locked units

The upgrade process will happen through Microsoft’s Zune update process, similar to the 2.12 firmware update process that I blogged about before.

I know many of you have been asking about these upgrades. We appreciate the interest and the continued patience.


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  • Later this fall means within the next two weeks? Like Microsoft suggested, or farther out?

  • Could you please walk us through the process and expected timeline from when Microsoft gets you (Dell) the full 7.5 update and what tests & changes you have to make with large updates before sending to end users?  I think this gets to the core question users like @xer21 are asking which is, when Microsoft tells us 1-2 weeks for Mango, is that the time you (Dell) will have it to users or when Microsoft will get it to you?  If it's the latter, please explain what you'll need to do to get it ready specifically for the DVP & expected timing.  Late fall could mean a lot of things, even as late as mid December, so I think you'll undesrtand if people are asking for a bit more narrow timing windows.

  • Thanks! :D

  • @xer21 and @kirbybrunclik: I don't have definitive details on when the rollout will start. When I do, I'll blog about it.

  • Please tell me that my At&t locked windows phone will get the update. We still havent gotten the firmware update. My Venue Pro freezes every time I connect to WiFi!

  • @kirbybrunclik Microsoft already said the 1-2 weeks starts the delivery process, which is the test, approved, delivering. But I'm guessing that Dell won't be ready for that, because by now they would know if they are done with their work for delivering in 1-2 weeks.

  • Hi Lionel,

    Could you let us know AT&T locked Venue Pros are different from the ones that aren't?

    I just got mine and I love it,  but am really looking forward for it to get the update as it opens up whole new doors on the platform. Also, will the Venue Pro's keyboard functionality be better supported by the 7.5 update?

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

  • @stavros210, just got the firmware update for at&t. (i know i waited this forever too)

    connect to Zune software and check for the update in setting. works great now.

  • @leekenie. I just did the update. WiFi seems to be working. Thanks!

  • I live in Sweden will i get Mango?

    When i connect the phone

    Zune think i got the latest update.

    OS 7.07392.0


    Dell Venue Pro on AT&T, Mango update is in Planning phase! :'((

  • Where's Mango for my T-mobile device??

  • Phone updated great... and I wasn't even expecting it.

    But.... Visual Voicemail isn't working :(

  • Unlocked phone here but no mango update. Maybe a stupid question but: RTM two months ago and Lionel talks about "later". Seems that some people got the update, other waiting. What's the problem: DELL hardware or Microsoft software?

  • @KhakiMan, @alxk and anyone else that is tired of waiting for Mango update to come down. Try the steps outlined below at either WP Central or and it works. Neowin steps are just a rehash of WP Central. It took me a few tries. But it finally worked for my Unlocked DVP. Last night, I moved from 7392 to 7403 just like it is outlined in the steps and then it served me the RTM build 7720. Worked flawlessly and was pretty quick in updating. Running the Mango update now as of last night 9/27 on my unlocked DVP. Not sure if this works for locked SIM devices. But worth a try on those too.