Dell Inspiron duo – A convertible unlike any other


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Dell Inspiron duo – A convertible unlike any other

Since its debut earlier this year during the 2010 Intel Developer Forum, the Inspiron duo convertible tablet has created an incredible amount of buzz on the web. I bet many of you may have already checked out the preview video on our Dell YouTube channel. It’s now the second-most viewed video there.

I was able to take the duo for a spin/flip over the weekend and quickly realized that it is more than just a tablet, it felt more like a multimedia computing device. For kids, the Inspiron duo is great for play as a touch tablet, flip the screen and it’s ready to help Mom and Dad organize their calendars. Students, can watch videos or listen to music on their way to class before flipping the screen for taking lecture notes or writing a term paper in laptop mode.

Travelers will love the Inspiron duo for watching movies or surfing the internet in tablet mode. With a flip, you can organize itineraries, write blog posts or manage photos and music with a full keyboard in the PC mode with pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium.

Additionally, a built in Web-cam, integrated Wi-Fi and optional connectivity choices such as a Bluetooth and 4G mobile broadband option make it even easier than ever to stay in touch with friends and family.

Inspiron duo convertible tablet

The Inspiron duo, loaded with Windows 7 Home Premium and a dual-core processor, starts at $549*, $649 with optional dock, and is available today on in the United States, and in the United Kingdom on Dec. 2 on Through the holiday season, Inspiron duo is also available in retail, exclusively at Microsoft Stores and on Availability in other regions will be announced soon.

Dell Inspiron duo Specifications

  • 10.1-inch HD (1366x768) display with capacitive multi-touch and HD accelerator for smooth HD playback; flips from touch to type
  • Windows 7 Home Premium installed
  • Dell duo Stage software
  • Integrated 1.3MP Webcam and digital microphone
  • Intel Atom N550 dual core processor (1.5GHz)
  • 250GB, 5400 RPM hard drive with 320GB, 7200 RPM options (vary by region)
  • 2GB** RAM DIMM DDR3 800MHz
  • Additional details provided at product availability

duo Stage: The Perfect Keep-In-Touch Interface

Dell’s new user interface, duo Stage, makes using the Inspiron duo in tablet mode even better. Dell duo Stage lets families and students quickly access their favorite content as well as a collection of creative applications.

The new interface presents instant access to collections of music, photos, videos, games, e-books** and other applications. For instance:

  • Touching the MusicStage tile reveals an individual’s personal music collection.
  • The VideoStage organizes personal videos and downloaded TV shows and movies and gives people the ability to purchase or rent content directly from partners like CinemaNow in the United States.
  • The PhotoStage includes integrated social networking capabilities through Facebook and Flickr so people can upload their latest photos or view pictures of their friends.
  • BookStage provides a central location for storing and purchasing e-books (available in the U.S. and U.K.).

For even more fun and versatility, we fully recommend the optional $99 Inspiron duo Audio Station dock with 7 in 1 card reader and JBL speakers, two additional USB 2.0 ports and an Ethernet adapter, which charges battery while displaying photos or digital alarm clock.

Inspiron duo  in JBL dock

Having had a chance to get hands on with the Inspiron duo over the weekend, the word from the Byrd family is “Wow!” Watching videos - or listening to your music collection while a photo gallery from your Facebook friends cycle on the screen, is an absolutely incredible experience. Collectively, big thumbs up!

For more discussion on the Dell Inspiron duo online, check out this link on Techmeme.

Feel free to share your thoughts or questions here. You can follow me @ChrisBatDell on Twitter and join the conversation via the #Dellduo hashtag.



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  • why o why is there no video out - deal breaker - so close yet so far......

  • Where is the Merlin Blue color? Why is the price higher on the EPP site? Come on Dell?

  • what about AC adapter ? As only 4 cell battery ,I started an order for Dell Inspiron duo,but looks like only way you get  battery charged is buying $99 Inspiron duo Audio Station dock ?

  • Such an exciting idea. I have been looking forward to the Duo going on sale in the UK since September.

    But now I find that, whilst Americans will pay £350 for the basic model, here in the UK we will have to pay £450. This looks to me like racketeering. Am I wrong? Can Dell explain the difference in price, or are we just being suckered?

  • @ Wise - There is an AC connector on the left had side of the Inspiron duo from the pics I've seen, so you would not need the optional dock in order to charge.

    What I would like to know is when are the Red and Blue color models going to be made available for order.  No one at Dell or the Microsoft Store has been able to answer this.  Very frustrating!

  • @CrysDark and LoupyLou

    Thanks for the comments!  Even though our hope was to have the three colors available at launch, Marlin Blue and Fastback Red options are expected to be available early next year.

  • This looks like a great tablet, but does it support Linux out of the box?

    2 Gb Ram may be a bit short for Windows 7, I would prefer to run Ubuntu on it.

    Ubuntu 10.10 brought a good support for tablets such as the IdeaPad S3-T.

    Could you tell me if the Duo can run Ubuntu 10.10 without too much hacking?

    Is there a gigabit ethernet on the dock?

  • @RanskaJean

    I'm sure someone in the community will find a way to put Ubuntu on the Inspiron duo. Keep an eye on our Dell Community Forums, Software and Operating Systems section:

    And yes, there is an ethernet port on the docking station as well.

  • As a Tablet PC power user, I've been extremely critical of Dell's choices in the past in their tablet PC offerings.

    This could be a groundshaking device if the product reliability is good. Please don't follow the failure-based marketing plan microsoft will probably try to foist upon you.

    I love Apple, but my kids go to Round Rock Schools... Take down the IPAD !

  • Marketing 101 for this device...

    Commercial with a dorm room with one kid lying on his bed with the docked Duo showing a movie...

    Second kid typing into OneNote, or converting handwriting to text in OneNote with something in FLASH playing in a small window. (file under "things the IPAD can't do")

    Third kid Reading his Textbook on CourseSmart.

    Slam, Bang, access to a 16-20 million student post-secondary education market, which grows by 5 million every year, and this is just the U.S. we're talking about here. At the price point you've hit, this could be a secondary device to a desktop.

    Please lose the "You can Tell it's a Dell", it comes off as cocky, and frankly it's innovative, something people don't really associate with Dell currently. That could change, but for now, Be honest with your customers, and that includes admitting miscues, and the fact that you were losing sight of the consumer market.


  • Hey, I'm looking into buying this computer to use more as a tablet-- I wanted to know, can it be used with a stylus? Or is it solely touch?

  • @jimmytt - perhaps a product like the IOGear USB external video would work for you. Tops out at 1280x1024, but it does give workable VGA video out for only $53.

  • hi I am from India and I am interested in the Dell Inspiron Duo convertible.

    can you please inform me when it is scheduled to launch in India and what will be the specifications?

  • I just purchased this for school and for some reason I was under the impression it either came with a stylus or you could purchase one to use with it. I'm finding out that this is not the case. I know I should have read the details better but in every other way it seems to be exactly what I want. I really need to be able to use a stylus for my classes though as I plan to take notes on our power point slides and that really requires a finer point than my finger can provide. I just really don't understand why a stylus was not included with the Duo. Seems like a no brainer to me. Otherwise I might as well have bought the iPad!  Oy. Sorry, didn't realize how frustrated I was by not having the stylus.  

    Any chance there is one out there already that will work with the Duo; or one in the works? Please tell me there is! Please?!?