Forrester Groundswell Award Submission


Dell's "Tag Team" Facebook application allows customers to help one another select products that best fit their lifestyles.


Today in most ecommerce experiences, visitors must first find a product, read reviews and then find instances of how others use their products (if available). Dell's goal was to develop a unique product experience com that turns this process by 180 degrees and allows customers to identify their needs first, then find products that meet those needs by focusing on user-generated content that drives engagement, sharing and, ultimately, monetizing social media channels.


By utilizing existing ratings and reviews on, Dell built "Tag Team," a Facebook application that allows the company's established fan base to find products relevant to their interests based upon how fellow customers are using their Dell products.

"Tag Team" pulls customer-generated keyword tags from ratings and reviews on and features them on an interactive tag cloud.  Users choose tags that best fit their interests, e.g., music, gaming and travel.  The application then displays Dell products that have been reviewed and labeled with the chosen tags in a sortable format.

For example, if a customer is interested in travel and playing video games, she would choose the "travel" and "gaming" tags to view products that fellow consumers use for both gaming and travel. 

For each product there is a "Tell me more" button that directs users to a "Product deep dive" page. This page displays ratings and reviews as well as specific features for the product. Here, fans can "like" a product, write their own reviews about the product that will display on, select "Ask your friends" to post the product to their Facebook newsfeed, or select "Ask Dell" and receive support directly from a Dell specialist.


"Tag Team" has experienced a steady stream of unique visitors every day since its launch.  This application helps extend the goals of Dell as an organization to provide engagement opportunities for its customers and to provide a means of monetization in a social way.