I'm pumped to finally get a chance to blog about the upcoming Dell Streak tablet device. Since we first previewed the Dell Streak at CES 2010, it's been making waves in the blogosphere ever since. The 5-inch tablet will launch first to customers in the United Kingdom in early June. Customers there will be able to purchase it across the UK at O2 stores, O2.co.uk, The Carphone Warehouse and later this month on Dell.co.uk. Pricing and data plans for UK customers will be announced by O2 before availability. We plan to make the Dell Streak available to customers in the United States later this summer.

I've been at Dell for 16 years, and I don't think there's ever been more buzz around a single Dell product than this. In my view, that's for good reason. Hardware and design-wise, this thing impresses. Add the ever-increasing capability that Android brings to the equation, and you've got a mobile device that offers a ton of flexibility while looking cool in the process. The Dell Streak brings together a great web browsing experience, multi-tasking capability, slick turn by turn navigation and a great way to enjoy your photos, movies and music into a sleek device that's built for mobility.

Update: Here's a short video we uploaded to the Dell YouTube channel that provides a quick overview of what you can use Streak for: