AT&T to Bring Dell Aero Smartphone to Customers in the United States

AT&T to Bring Dell Aero Smartphone to Customers in the United States


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AT&T to Bring Dell Aero Smartphone to Customers in the United States

CTIA, the trade show focusing on all things wireless, kicks off tomorrow in Las Vegas, and several members of Dell's Communication Solutions Group are on the ground there hosting meetings with a variety of entities. The meetings range from wireless carriers to content providers to even entertainment industry leaders. The purpose of these meetings? Collaboration leading to great mobile products that, more importantly, deliver a great connected experience regardless whether your travels take you down the street to a neighbors, to across the country for a business client to half way around the world to visit family.

While CTIA doesn't officially start until tomorrow, Dell is in the news today, courtesy of AT&T. Following the announcement at CES 2010 to expand its industry-leading smartphone portfolio line up later this spring, AT&T shared more details including unveiling the official name the Dell smartphone will go by: the Dell Aero. Like its Mini 3 smartphone siblings in China and Brazil, The Dell Aero is Android-based and has been optimized to take full advantage of the nation's fastest 3G network from AT&T.

Update:  Take a look at for a few more details.

From AT&T's press release:

"AT&T also will soon unveil an Android-based smartphone from Dell, the Aero.  This will be Dell's first smartphone available in the U.S., and will feature a new, beautiful custom user interface developed by Dell and AT&T."

Tomorrow will be another busy day - check back in the morning for updates on other activities at CTIA that involve Dell.


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  • Marvelous! I've always tried to imagine what a Dell Phone would look like, but I didn't expect it to become reality so soon. I'll research more about it and put it in my blog.


  • This is amazing. Dellustrations is the firm that did their icons for the phone. You can see the work samples at their site:, or on their site profile: or this link:

    This is an awesome phone and brings innovation to other phones in the market.

  • Umm, I would have picked a different provider, ATT has enough problems keeping iPhone users happy, just add yet another heavy resource using phone to their network and watch it collapse!

  • Let me know when it is on Verizon

  • who is the manufacture of this phone