Today we're announcing a new program to help customers get more out of their ink purchases while helping minimize our collective impact on the planet.

NextLife Ink by Dell (which we previewed at CES back in January) is a new way to buy high-quality remanufactured ink for about 70 percent of the most popular inkjet printers in use by customers today, including those from HP, Canon, Epson and Lexmark. We'll be adding more (including Dell-branded) cartridges to the mix in the near future. 

People who use NextLife ink by Dell will get more and pay less; they can save up to 20 percent compared to the cost of branded ink cartridges and print up to 20 percent more pages. 

Customers can also expect great quality from these cartridges. The reliability of Nextlife Ink by Dell was rated "excellent," and the cartridges scored a "4" out of 4 when tested by third-party imaging expert Buyers Laboratory Incorporated on HP, Canon, Epson and Lexmark printers.

In addition to saving customers money and delivering better quality remanufactured ink, we're also helping reduce the number of ink cartridges that end up in our nation's landfills. NextLife Ink by Dell extends the usable life of a printer cartridge, and then Dell responsibly recycles any returned cartridges that cannot be remanufactured, keeping them from ending up in landfills. 

Additionally, these cartridges have, on average, a 30 percent lower carbon footprint than newly manufactured cartridges,* and their packaging is comprised of 50 percent post-consumer waste and is 100 percent recyclable.  

Hear more about this program from Patrick Heinzelman: