I recall a time not so long ago I sat in the line at Quakecon and marveled at the gaming rigs devout fans brought with them to the BYOC. Some people's systems were stock Dells, some folks had gargantuan XPS systems and Alienware ALX's, and some folks had huge monstrosities apparently created by their own two hands. It was a gaming convention, and these folks were gamers. Power was their main concern, not portability. Like many aching backed attendees, I longed for the day when portability wouldn't necessarily be sacrificed for power in a gaming hardware.

I'm happy to announce that day has finally arrived. You can now own the first genuine mobile gaming solution on the planet: the Alienware M11x!

You may have seen the announcements at CES, or seen us give away 4 of them before you could buy them, or even seen the video I shot with Katie on Engadget. Now customers in the United States, Canada, the UK, France and Germany, Japan and other parts of Asia can order the M11x soon.

Here's a good overview of what you can expect from the Alienware M11x from Bryan Dezayas and Frank Azor from the Alienware team: