7 Beeps Error on the Studio 17 Laptop

7 Beeps Error on the Studio 17 Laptop


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7 Beeps Error on the Studio 17 Laptop

 Recently, we've heard from Studio 17 customers who have the Core i7 processor here on Dell's Forum and other places like ForumDeluxx who are hearing a series of 7 beeps when they try to start their systems. Yesterday, we posted a new Studio 17 BIOS (A05) to support.dell.com that should ensure the Studio 17 does not have this issue once the updated BIOS is applied. For those of you who have a system that sounds a series of 7 beeps when you try to start it, there are two solutions – one is a DIY fix and the other is contacting Dell and having a service technician come out and take care of it (see bottom of this post for options on contacting Dell). The fix involves reseating the CMOS (a.k.a. coin) battery inside the system and then (this is important) updating the BIOS as noted above.Even if you are not experiencing beep codes, we recommend updating to the A05 BIOS.

Here is a link to the Service Manual that will explain how to reseat the internal CMOS Battery. You will need to remove the back plate from the system, so please make sure you are comfortable performing this task.

1. Turn Off and unplug the system and turn it bottom side up

2. Remove external main battery from the laptop.

3. The rear plate for the system is held on by 6 screws. Remove all 6 screws and remove the plate.

4. With the battery compartment facing you, looking in the top right hand corner you will see the CMOS battery.

5. Using a minimal amount of force and a flat tool, pry the battery gently from its seat (it is held on by sticky substance)

6. Unplug the battery from the motherboard by disconnecting the white connector.

7. Wait for approximately two minutes and then reattach the battery cable and reseat the battery.

8. Replace the rear plate and the retaining screws and reseat the main battery.

9. Attach the AC adapter and power on the system.

10. Update to the A05 BIOS revision

11. If a 5 beep code is heard, switch off the system and restart it.

 Update from Lionel: I saw that a few customers like Aviatard over at NotebookReview.com  reported issues with waking the system out of hibernate mode. The A05 BIOS that we posted late last week addresses this. I've updated Anne's references to the latest BIOS  in this post so that all links go to the A05 revision.

Contacting Technical Support

Those of you in the United States can use phone numbers on this page to contact Dell Technical Support.

For those outside the United States:

  • Go to support.dell.com
  • At the very bottom of the page, select your country in the Choose a Country/Region field
  • Choose Contact Us on the left hand side
  • Click on the More Details link in the Contact Tech Support section
  • Click on the green Telephone button under the Call Tech Support section

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  • Hello DELL-Anne C,

    Thanks for your post that we have been waiting for since a long time. But I still have a question. Do you have any comment on the throtteling that the 1747 laptops are having? Is the 130W adapter safe to use?





  • A04 BIOS is only for "system dead after 7 beeps" issue, Engineering is still working on performance decrease and other issues. Still trying to confirm the A04 Bios does stop the 7 beeps issue.



  • Hmm, I have a DELL Studo 17 (Model 1737), on that Driver Page the latest BIOS is A08. What's the deal with A04?

  • "Engineering is still working on performance decrease and other issues."


    @Dell-Anne C, can you confirm this? I can sleep better if this statement would be

    an official Dell Information! This performance issues bothers since weeks, and I

    guess its time to say something about these absences...?

  • Pudgy ine,


    may you tell me what I havre to do today my my new Dell Studio 17,


    Exactly, what do I need to update in order to have a system running well....


    and what do I have to do I have Have some problems with the system. (If it is the case, Can I return it this week for refund).


    Then I woulfd quit Dell for life and tell MANY people to do so.



  • @BGoodbody - good call out. This blog post and BIOS update applies to the Studio 17 w/ Core i7 processors (Model 1747). @PudgyOne - Dell engineers are investigating other questions raised by customers. You are right that this BIOS update (A04) prevents the 7 beep issue specifically.

  • Dell-Anne C,

    Do you know if there is a timescale for the solution of throttling on the Studio 1747 and whether it is likely these will start to be shipped with the 130W power supplies that many users think will be necessary?  My 1747 is due to be delivered later in February and if it arrives before a solution to this reported throttling issue (which has been well documented on many forums) is announced I'm afraid it will be going straight back for a refund.  I'd much prefer a solution however so that I can get the excellent performance expected from the i7 processor as well as having my faith restored in your customer service.

  • I also just experienced the 7 beeps problem after having updated to the A04 bios on the day it was release (about 1 week ago). The symptoms were the same: close the lid of the computer and let it sleep for about 5 hours. On wakeup, the system does not recover from sleep. Hard reset by holding the power button and 7 beeps. So it seems that A04 does not fix the problem. Also, my computer does not wake up properly from a long sleep. It it's short (< 60 minutes or so), everything works fine. Longer than that, the computer will flash the keyboard lights but nothing else. Holding the power button and turning it on again will cause the computer to resume as though it is waking from hibernation.I did the CMOS battery removal (again) and it worked to get the computer running again.

    I have tried with hybrid sleep enabled and disabled. The only difference that makes is when hybrid sleep is disabled, the computer does not resume from hibernation but instead does a full reboot.

    Bottom line: A04 bios does not solve the 7 beeps problem.


    1747, i7-720, 4 GB 1333 Mhz, 1080 screen, 2 x 500Gb hard drive, Win 7 Home Premium.

  • I wont be buying a dell again.  I am in charge of IT and I am disgusted at the lack of help once the warrenty is over. 

    I will be recommending on my blog to avoid Dell like the plague. 

    If only the help correcting problems was as good as the help buying