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Dell Order Delays

We’re seeing some online activity in blogs, forums and from customers on Twitter like @kevincully and @dstxus reacting to order delays. Especially at this time of year, we are sorry for the frustration. The reality is that we are seeing increased demand for many of the products consumers want to buy and it has affected our ability to fulfill the orders. In addition, there are also some industry-wide constraints on some components (like memory and larger-capacity hard drives) that are delaying the manufacturing of certain products for customers.

We’re addressing these issues and regret any inconvenience this has caused our customers. We recently extended our manufacturing capacity to help meet this increased demand. We hope you choose to keep your current order and choose Dell. Customers in the United States who choose to keep their order can receive a Dell Holiday Card by filling out the form on that link. If you request a holiday card by December 20 at midnight, you should receive it in time to put under the tree.

If you choose to cancel or change your order please follow the directions below:

  • Call 800-247-2076, choose option #2 to speak to a representative who can help cancel or change your order to one of our Fast Track systems.
  • After you cancel an order, remember you can purchase Dell netbooks, laptops desktops and gaming systems at a variety of retailers like Wal-Mart, Best Buy and others. Take a look at this link for more details.

If you are a customer outside the United States, please contact Dell Customer Service in your region. Here's how to do it:

  • Go to and choose your country if you haven't already visited.
  • Choose All Support Options in the footer in the Support section of the footer.
  • Choose Support for Home Users
  • Choose Contact Order Support

Again, I apologize to customers who are affected by these delays.


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  • Thanks Dell my son will be so thrilled to recieve his holiday card instead of his netbook, you really came through this time!!

  • Yeah, thats great, 1.5 months to get my comp ( will probably get bumped again).

    How bout next time have the parts in stock before your customers purchase? I bet you have enough of "Holiday Cards" in stock, just not the components for my system.

    Merry Christmas.


  • Yea except dell does everything in its power to refuse cancelation of the order.

  • Dell has ripped me off.  They shipped my order but changed the prices.  Now my sales rep never existed. They have no intention of making this right.  What, did they just happen to know what I wanted and ship it?  I am considering returning it because of this situation.  I used to have a lot of praise for Dell now I am truly dissapointed.  If this is how they treat people I am not sure I want to spend money there.  I am not talking a lot of money, but it is the principle.

  • ive only been delayed once so its no problem yet but if my pc doesnt arrive by the new EDD which is 12/30 then im canceling my order.

  • Just a couple of questions:

    Why would you continue to take orders when you know your manufacturing capabilities cannot keep up without a notice on your main site?

    Why would you give random ship dates that you know you can't keep and refuse customers refunds?

    Since in my personal experience you have the absolute worst off-shore support, why would you expect someone to buy a Dell computer from a retailer when they will have to deal with said support for any warranty issues?


  • Lionel are you able to list the specific items that are on delay?

    Also how for those whose orders are on delay because of the tract mouse or keyboard can get their pc systems shipped in advance rather than waiting for those items.

    Thank you


  • While appreciated, your response is inadequate, and here's why:

    1. Your phone support (in India, I suspect), is probably the worst excuse for "customer service" I've ever experienced in my entire adult life. Telling a paying customer that they can't comment on why the machine they have ordered is late is absolutely absurd. To top it off, they were extremely rude and seemed to have an issue with me speaking to a manager of any sort.

    2. Why won't you tell me what component is running late on the build?  If it's something minor, I'll change the order so I can get the computer on time. Why is that so hard?

    3. Why is Dell giving out estimated shipping dates without taking supply and demand into account? I know many people wouldn't have ordered a Christmas present based on these dates if you were honest in the first place.

    I've bought 4 machines from Dell now and I'm sad to say this will be my last. I've always spoken favorably about the company and that stops today.

    For now, I'll wait for my phone call from the mystery manager that support told me would call...5 hours ago.

  • Ordered Nov.24 , est. arrival Dec.18, it has yet to ship, waiting for the inevitable delay email, atleast that will be some sort of update on my order status.

  • Order my computer Nov.9 been delayed 4 times..New date 12/31..Was my son`s Christmas present, thanks Dell.

  • Dell is about to loose my commercial account. And with 8 computers bought in the past year - I hope it hurts. I ordered a laptop for my own personal use the day after Thanksgiving, and now it says it won't arrive until January 7?!

    I sold my old computer to help offset the price of this one. Thanks Dell. Thanks.

  • My issue is not ordering and not receiving. It is ordering a service and canceling and waiting now ONE MONTH for a credit to my account that has not happened. I have made a total of 3 calls to Dell-On-Call requesting the refund along with the original written request via email. They have kept me on hold at extreme lengths of time and have questioned the status of my hard drive which is something Dell-On-Call does not handle. I had an issue with my hard drive and it was replaced and the damaged one sent in. But again this isn't On-Call's issue. I have been a customer of Dell over 10 years and have never returned or canceled any service until now. I know legally this is wrong and cannot be done according to your contract. I made a request for a refund exactly 9 days from the date of purchase which is within the 30 day limit. 

    I am truly disappointed at the level of customer service I have not received and have yet to get this matter resolved.

    Please provide any feedback on this issue.

    P.s. I have also phone customer service 3 times as well.


  • Us DELL customers celebrate xmas in January.


    Ohh, a holiday card. Thanks.

  • Industry-wide constraints? Components ARE available, it is a matter of price. Prices have gone up, you do not want to pay the higher price seems to be more likely.

    So, 1 week to Christmas and referring to B&M stores? You gotta be kidding me. That to loyal customers who placed their TRUST into Dell.

    Out of 4 orders I placed around Thanksgiving - Cyber Monday, 2 got cancelled by Dell and 1 is delayed until the next year. Nothing "offered". Calling in, I got disconnected often, customer representatives were unable or unwilling to help, some referred to a resolution hotline, transferred me, only for me to get disconnected tons of times then or people hanging up on me. Contacting customer care? It - just - does - not - work.

    1) Vostro a90, prominently advertised on Cyber Monday, suddenly - more than 2 weeks later you guys are getting the idea that the item is not available anymore? There is nothing really to replace it with plus the item has already be committed to a key customer. (SMB order)

    A replacement needs to be of significantly higher value or I will have disgruntled that customer forever.

    2) Vixia HG21 - also 2 1/2 weeks after placing the order you got the nerve to cancel? Supposedly not available anymore?  1299 MSRP, was a good deal sure, and there was Bing cashback, no way I am getting a comparable deal now. Are you going to offer a substitution for something compareable that 1299 value to offset the damage? That item was meant as a gift for elderly parents who live on a different continent - no way I can get something compareable now on that short notice without losing 100dreds of US$. Oh, and it is needed for a wedding on 1/1/10. What is Dell offering here?

    3) Dell Zino HD, delayed - what a surprise... also an item that is "committed" in this configuration, do not have the luxury to give out a "card". I do not know how I can make up for that without it to cost ME a lot of money

    Note that electronics, the later you ship, the less value they have as technologies move through their innovation lifecycle. Some companies actually do that as part of their profit stream to modify shipping dates if the money saved by shipping later or profit lost by shipping earlier is too large.

    Seriously, you guys have to do a LOT better to make up for this.



  • XMAS rush? I ordered my system on November 7th! I didn't consider myself a procrastinator, but apparently I needed to order my cookie cutter system in September or October if I wanted it by XMAS. That's right, 3 MONTHS to build a PC. My order has been delayed to January 19th, 2010.