Hello… Dell’s Getting into the Smartphone Business

Hello… Dell’s Getting into the Smartphone Business


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Hello… Dell’s Getting into the Smartphone Business

Today, I get to put the all the rumors to rest—Dell confirmed that we’re entering the smartphone business. These initial Mini 3 smartphones will roll out first in China and Brazil through partnerships with two of the world’s largest mobile operators: China Mobile and Claro

So, why are we starting in China and Brazil? Besides size (China Mobile has over 500 million subscribers, and Claro serves more than 42 million), we have existing telecom partnerships with them. Back in April, we were the first to embed China Mobile’s technology into our Mini 10 netbook. And if you’ve been watching, you know Dell has agreements with lots of other providers like Vodafone in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. We’ve partnered with AT&T and Verizon in the United States to offer mobile broadband on different products, and we have agreements with other carriers in Asia.

Here's a picture of Michael Dell and João Cox, President of Claro, showing off the Mini 3 smartphone:

Our entry into the smartphone market is a way to extend the power of the Internet beyond netbooks, laptops and desktops into smaller products. Lots of options there.

The other thing  can confirm is that the Mini 3 smartphones run Google’s Android platform. I’m pumped like a lot of others out there about where Android is heading. With Android, we’re designing these initial Mini 3 phones to provide power, flexibility and customization to both our customers and to carriers around the world.

I’ll let others blog about the details of the upcoming Mini 3 smartphones and Dell’s broader mobile strategy here on Direct2Dell soon. To see the first official pictures, take a look at the Mini 3 set on our Flickr page.


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  • I hope they do better at smartphones.................


    On Oct 4th I orderd a Dell laptop and was told it was available for a windows
    7 upgrade. I waited until the Windows 7 was available. Now Dell tells
    me that my system doesn't qualify. I asked 3 times when I ordered the laptop
    if I would be able to upgrade and was told yes.
    Now that it is too late to return the laptop, I am stuck with it.
    Dell doesen't have the service they claim.
    in Minneosta

  • Dixie: Sorry to see that the Windows 7 upgrade is a problem. Have you verified eligibility from this link? I talk a bit more about hardware, purcase date and Vista OS requirements in this recent Windows 7 upgrade post. If you are eligible based on all three, either send me a private message or e-mail me directly with your service tag or order number.



  • What version of Android will it have? 1.5, 1.6 or 2.0?

    What is the screen resolution?

    Does it have capacitive touchscreen?