Let Dell Upgrade a New Windows 7 PC for You


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Let Dell Upgrade a New Windows 7 PC for You

Update: I've closed comments on this thread to centralize them under my new post about the Windows 7 Upgrade Kit Process. If you have questions or concerns about it, I encourage you to leave a comment there.

For those of you who are waiting for Windows 7 to arrive, Dell has a deal for you. We are expanding our upgrade program (see Daniel Judd's post for details about the original program) with a new option - the Windows 7 Free and Easy upgrade program - which takes the hassle out of upgrading a PC to Windows 7 because Dell will do it for you. Now you can purchase popular PCs like the Inspiron 15 or 17 laptop, Studio 15 laptop, Inspiron 546 or Studio desktop and we will install Windows 7 Premium on it before shipping it to you.

As the program name implies, there are no additional charges associated with this. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to order a new PC powered by Windows 7 and get on with your daily business, and around Oct. 22, or soon after your new PC will arrive. Of course for you do-it-yourselfers, we are still offering the Windows 7 Technical Upgrade program, in which a customer buys a qualifying PC with Vista Home Premium, Vista Business Pro or Vista Ultimate, and registers for the Windows 7 upgrade kit, which then ships within a few weeks of Oct 22.

We are looking forward to your feedback on this new option in our upgrade program, and depending on customer response we will investigate adding additional PC models as well as expanding it on a global basis. So head over to www.dell.com/windows7easyupgrade, customize and order your PC and we’ll take care of things on the Windows 7 front.


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  • I bought a Studio XPS 437 MT on Sep 8, 2009. When I go to the Windows 7 upgrade site and fill in the form, it says that my system is not in the database. I have called about six different 800 #'s and no one can help me. The last person I talked to at Customer Care 800-964-8321 said that I would be contacted within 24 hrs. It has been over a week with no contact.

  • I'm of the PC gaming mindset, so I think the traditional Win7 Technical Upgrade program (DIY) is more fitting for the Alienware customer.  However, every gamer has at least one (most likely several) non-technical relatives, right?  The “Free and Easy” upgrade program will allow these non-techie relatives to upgrade effortlessly.  I would imagine this will save quite a few gamers a tech support call with mom after Win7 launches.  Geeked

    Love the idea!


  • theJakester: Sorry to see that the upgrade process is not allowing you to proceed. Can you either e-mail me here or send me a private message with your order number or service tag number so we can get you going?

  • Rock on Kathryn. Glad you like the idea, and hope it will take some of the Windows 7 upgrade support work off your shoulders. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback.

  • How come you don't support the Dell Studio XPS 9000 desktop for this easy upgrade? Im looking forward on getting this PC when its preloaded with Win 7.

  • I agree, why don't you offer this on the XPS 9000 as I plan on ordering one of these as well? Please answer as I do not see an answer to this question.

  • I still don't get the point of this. I want to buy a Studio 17 laptop with the i830 and a Studio 900 desktop. All of these showing preliminary shipping dates after October 22 at this point, so why isn't Windows 7 an option? I want to get these ordered and move on?

  • When are they going to start offering this on the mini's.

  • Is there any chance that Windows 7 will be available for download for those who qualify for the upgrade and wish to do it themselves?

  • I have a laptop (an Alienware of some sort) that is "in production".  Can it be delayed and come with Win7 instead of having to do the upgrade myself?

  • I agree with CMBat.  If delivery is set at or beyond Oct 22 then there should be no problem installing Windows 7.  In the life of a PC there is usually at least one operating system upgrade.   I don't want to start with phantom DLL files from Vista.  Windows 7 should be a clean install.  There are smaller companies that are going to offer Windows 7 before Oct 22 and Microsoft is quietly ok with it.  I understand Dell is a more important supplier but Microsoft can't be mad if an order is place ahead of Oct 22 as long as delivery occurs on or after the release date.  Especially in this economy Microsoft can't have a problem with it.  Offering a clean install of Windows 7 at this point in time makes sense.  I am sorry the Win7 upgrade deal is no deal.  There is a lot of money sitting on the table because Dell is not doing the right thing.

  • I'm waiting for Windows 7 before getting my Alienware Laptop. Why aren't they included in the easy upgrade program? Big Smile

  • Well, Lionel... I've waited all week for your reply to the email I sent you... still waiting.....

  • I just recently bought a Studio XPS 9000.  Is there any chance I can have windows 7 installed before I receive the system?  Expected delivery is Nov 10.

  • I would buy a new PC right now if it came pre-loaded with a clean install of Windows 7 rather than this Vista-to-7 upgrade. If the ship dates are all after 10/22 now, why not just do it that way? I know I'm not the only one holding off on their purchase...