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Dell Driver Download Manager

I would like to share some details on an important update for the Drivers & Downloads application on Recently, we completed the launch of the new Dell Driver Download Manager. This new functionality, which is available globally across all of, has been created to improve your experience when downloading files from Dell.  

The big change you will see when using the new Driver Download Manager is an improvement in download speed. The time taken to download files using the Driver Download Manager is a lot shorter, up to a 30-40% reduction, depending on your internet connectivity.

The Driver Download Manager also offers a number of improvements to help you through the process of downloading files from You can now pause and resume your downloads. The progress of your download can be saved via an icon on your desktop which you can restart at any time. You can also restart your download should your internet connection get cut off in the middle of a download, as the Driver Download Manager saves your progress ensuring that you don't lose out.

To use the Driver Download Manager (Fig 1 above), you will need to complete a once off install of the application on your system.

Please take some time to visit your local Drivers & Downloads site and check out the Driver Download Manager. Hopefully you will find this new functionality useful and that it helps improve your download experience. I look forward to your feedback.

Editor's Note:  Eoghan has posted an updated blog post at this link.   To make sure everyone gets the newest information possible we're turning off comments to this post.  Comments are still welcome on the newer blog post, so please click on the link above to find the new post.


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  • What if I don't want to use the download manager? I just tried to download some drivers. I was prompted to either install the download manager or use my browser. The next time I tried downloading a file it took me straight to the download manager.

  • Forget about using Ubuntu to download a driver- there is no download manager available. It appears that the only way to download drivers now is to run a Windows OS and install Dell's download manager. I have no problem being offered a download manager program, but I resent being forced to use one.


    Nothing stopping you from just old-school browsing of Dell's ftp site for latest drivers/updates!Yes

  • This new application is more frustrating at this point than anything. I can't download any driver that I may need - instead, it keeps telling me to download the application, even though I've downloaded it onto my computer.

  • I agree with the other posts.  You should not force something on someone.  I have tried to uninstall the "download Manager" and also disable the plugin, but every time I try to download a drive the Download Manager tries to install. 

    If I were to use just Internet Explorer to download, it would ask if I want to save the file or run it.  Your DM only asks where I want to download it.  This puts the Download package on my computer, then I have to run the file and that puts the drivers in the C:\Dell folder.  This puts the drivers in two locations and I only want one.

    If you are going to offer a program you should aslo offer a way to uninstall the program.

  • I think dell took a step backwords i tried downloading drivers for my 2100 on xp and twice the Dell system software and the Bluetooth driver was corrupt both times i use this new tool, so I used firefox to download and imagin to my suprise the download was successful as it should have been with the download manager but wasnt.  Heres a vote to scrap Download manager"

  • I don't need help downloading - it was plenty fast - but now it is PRETTY.  When will the ribbon be added to match the new look of Windows / Office? 

    God I feel old, but at least old stuff works .......

    Thanks for the reminder of FTP somms

  • Shame on Dell.  It's okay to OFFER something to someone, but to force the use of a download manager makes for bad policy.  My browser is perfectly capable of managing my downloads.

    As Somms mentioned you can go to the dell FTP site, but dell isn't that clear on what it is you're downloading. "R202964.exe" is what I was looking for, but I STILL needed to install the download manager to get the name.

    Dell, PLEASE, make the download manager a CHOICE, not a mandate.

    It just adds to the time needed to download something. 

    1: pick the file to download

    2: install the download manager

    3: download the file

    4: uninstall the manager.

    5: repeat as needed.

    And yes, I know I don't need to uninstall it, but I didn't want to install it in the first place.  I wonder if HP forces their customers to do this?



  • I registered just to complain about this mess. When I enter a service tag and go to the D&D page, iexplore.exe goes to 50% CPU during page load. After the page is loaded it bounces from 5 - 20% the entire time. This is the ONLY tab I have open. I hope they're folding proteins or something because I'm sure not getting anything out of those cycles.


    When I try to download a driver, it asks me to install the application and then says "Cannot download the application. The application is missing required files. Contact application vendor for assistance." This happens every time.


    OK, I finally got it to work in IE. I bypassed and in the firewall. I'm not even sure if that was the fix. It still doesn't work in Firefox.

    Seriously, was anyone clamoring for this? Or is this Dell's implementation of some P2P or caching scheme? If so, maybe they should call Akamai or just post torrents and publish the hashes.



  • Yes, this really stinks. After the first download, I am totally unable to download Dell drivers from the Dell website using a clean Windows XP install. I don't want to install the download manager, but in desperation I tried, and it just displays xml code without installing. There's probably some way to fix that, but why should I have to?! All I want is the old moldy drivers that Dell has not bothered to update for the Inspiron 6000 for ages. Is that so much to ask?

    While I'm here, let me complain about Dell's lack of recent drivers for the Inspiron 6000's ATI x300. I want Windows 7 and there isn't even Vista available. Windows 7 was unstable for me, I think because of no appropriate video drivers, so that sent me scurrying back to XP.


  • Hello,
    I want to thank everyone for their feedback in relation to this new functionality. I would like to address some of the points you have made to help improve the experience you are having. The Driver Download Manager has been developed to enhance the process of downloading files from However, it is not compulsory.

    When you first try to download a file you will be presented with a pop up page displaying 2 options. Download via Driver Download Manager or Download via Internet Browser. If you choose the second option your files will be downloaded as per normal.
    If you happened to choose the first option for the Driver Download Manager and you no longer wish to use it. It can be removed via Add Remove programs in Windows. To enable the pop up page again to view the two options as above please empty your cookies

    If you are using Firefox as your Internet Browser you may encounter the following dialogue box when attempting to install it.

    This is due to the fact you do not have the right version of .NET installed. To use the Driver Download Manager with Firefox you must have Microsoft .NET 3.5 Service Pack 1 installed, you can download it from
    You must also have Microsoft .NET Assistant version 1.1 installed which can be downloaded from

    Please also refer to the Driver Download Manager FAQ page for more information. It’s accessible via help icon on the top right of the Driver Download Manager application or you can click
    Again, thank you for your feedback. We will continue to work towards improving your experience of downloading files from

    Eoghan O’Sullivan
    Dell Global Online

  • Personally, I think its a waste of time.  I think Dell would have done us one better on focusing efforts on ensuring drivers are up to date.  What I mean by this is lets say I want to update my Dell Bluetooth 350 driver or perhaps my Quickset install.  Well, I enter my service tag for my M1730 and what pops up?  A driver that is close to a year old.  Well, being the tech kind of user, if I look at the current version of Quickset for say the Inspiron 1440, the installer is in fact compatible with my system.  Not only that, but it also updates the nice little funky volume and brightness popups with the new design. 

    My point to all of this is Dell should really focus on providing up to date info on its current product line (and yes, the M1730 is still currently being sold).  Would be nice to see an updated Sigmatel/IDT driver as well since the blasted M1730 driver is from 2007!

    Just my 2 cents.

  • I fix home PCs for a living.  

    Imagine my frustration when I have to go through all this rubbish because NOW I can ONLY download this daft Download Manager and nothing else!

    I cannot get the drivers I need to fix this computer by 9am tomorrow morning - it being 7pm on a Saturday (yes I work weekends in order to stay alive) !!!!

    What a stupid waste of my time.  In future if ask to recommend a new PC then Dell will bow be the bottom of my list instead of the top.

    Yours in frustration


  • By the way - contrary to what it says above - BOTH methods of downloading resulted in the Download Manager being downloaded !!!

  • I truely agree with Nigel.

    It is frustrated when you can not download driver without installing this application. I guess Dell are making so much money from us and now they couldn't think of a way to spent them.

    I have been working on PC for the last 10 years and imaging how much referal they get from me, but with this limitation I may start to direct my client to other brand (just to make my life easier).


  • It seems that Dell personnel do not understand the nature of the problem with the download manager. Let me break it down for you.

    1. Customer goes to the website
    2. Customer enters service tag or logs in, and finds the driver he wants.
    3. Customer is given the choice of using the download manager or his browser.
    4. Naturally, the customer chooses to download with his browser with the "remember my choice" box checked.
    5. The driver downloads via the browser. Life is good.
    6. Now the customer tries to download another driver.

    Furthermore, the Dell Download Manager will not work if his system does not have .NET 3.5 with SP1 (except possibly via ftp, if he can find the correct file there somehow.) And that will be the case for the majority of Dell's customers who are looking for old drivers. The majority of your customers are unable to download ANY drivers from the Dell website, except for the first one they choose. Comprendez?

  • This site is very lame now.  I don't know what happened but I used to be able to download drivers from Dell with no problems.  But now after trying the new dell driver download manager interface, I cannot download a single driver from Dell at all.  I am a repair technician at a medium sized company and this is not acceptable for me to do my job effectively.  I have been working for two days now doing every little thing it says to fix my problem and I still have not downloaded a driver yet.  What is the major problem and can we please get it fixed very soon. 

    I go to the dell driver download manager and it is installed in my system.  Problem is when I click on download file, after a short wait it comes back with "unexpected error occurred, close download manager and try again"  And again and again and again.  Maybe you feel my fustration now.

    I just want to download dell drivers for dell systems we have bought from dell and then life could go on. 

    Don't be trying to fix something that was not broke.  Maybe you could spend your time on something more constructive like customer support calls when I call in.

  • Dell, all I can say is one word "FAIL". I see now why Acer is catching up to you guys.

     This application is a disaster. Please restore the download site to its previous state.

    Clearing cookies does not work, and once you chose" remember this option" you can never go back.

    I see no benefit in this application for the end user.

  • Eoghan has posted an updated blog with more information. You can read the full post here.