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Dell Windows 7 Upgrade Program


Windows 7 General Availability
Today on the other side of the world, at the Computex show in Taipei, Microsoft confirmed that later in the year, on October 22nd to be exact, you will be able to purchase Windows 7 factory installed on your favorite Dell PC. YEA! We have been working with Microsoft for the last three years to develop the best possible computing solutions for you and we are excited to see our work come to fruition. Globally, Dell will have a broad selection of netbooks, laptops and desktops available for you on both and on the store shelves of our retail partners.  

Dell Windows 7 Upgrade Program
Microsoft also confirmed that as with previous Windows launches, they are partnering with PC manufacturers like Dell to offer the Windows 7 Upgrade Option program. Later this summer, if you purchase select systems through retail or directly from Dell you may order a Windows 7 upgrade kit. It’s important to note that the Windows 7 upgrade kits will not be shipped until AFTER Windows 7 has officially launched (Oct. 22 as noted above). Once the Windows 7 Upgrade Option program is officially announced more details will be available including supported PCs, languages and countries.

Windows 7 Release Candidate testing feedback
I also want to provide new details since my last post on how our internal testing and developments efforts are coming along with Windows 7 release candidate code. So far so good…Overall we’re impressed with how well the operating system is working on our systems. Here are some of data points that we have captured over the last 4 to 6 weeks:

  • Solid Improvements in boot time (ie hitting the power button and getting to the desktop)
  • Suspend results are looking much better (versus Windows Vista)
  • Battery life is still trending to be as good as Windows XP (and better than Vista)

And this is more qualitative than quantitative…the systems just feel faster in a good way.

We’re looking forward to adding Windows 7 to our compelling notebook and desktop systems later this year.


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  • I've got a Studio 15 on order and was told last night via email to expect delivery on the 17th of June!

    Should I put the order on hold and wait for the Windows 7 Upgrade program to be announced or will my purchase be covered?

    If it isn't covered am I going to have to fork out hundreds of dollars to get some Windows 7 loving?

  • As the program hasn't started yet, you'll have to buy a Windows 7 upgrade when it comes out. If you can hold out on your purchase you could wait till Dell starts the upgrade program (as the post says "later this summer") and then purchase your laptop.

  • Befor I invest more money in a new os I would like to give it a test drive. So for days ive been trying to download the beta of microsoft 7. ever time it starts to download it pauses and never restarts. chated with microsoft and they said it was the connection?NOT downloaded sp2 for vista 64 in less than 20 min and this was after my multiple trys with 7. chated again with ms now they say its my end or the computer but they have no answer about this problem, so now iam trusting that someone may have an idea on what is going on with my os7 download.

  • It seems that HP has released more detailed information. I would think Dell will follow suit and you can probably expect similar dates for being elligable for the upgrade to Windows 7.

  • what about those who purchased a dell laptop last year with vista home premium on it and want to upgrade to windows 7?  will dell have something to accomodate them?


    I have a vostro 1500 which i purchased in 2008, i still have a 2yr service contract on it and i will need for my business to upgrade it to windows 7.  Will I be able to do so?  I used the microsoft compatablity tool for windows 7 and i pass except for a few drivers that it states i can get after the upgrade.   I want the ability to purchase an upgrade to windows 7 home premium though dell.



  • I am responsible for purchasing new equipment for my company and have been buying systems with Vista Business with XP downgrade ever since it became available. While Vista is decent for home use, it simply isn't ready for the workplace.

    I currently have needs to purchase a few laptops and desktops but I will have to wait until July 1st to see if my purchases will qualify. Since W7 is getting a lot of positive buzz and reviews, I'd think Dell would try their best to allow an upgrade path to W7 from what's available now. I know my company is not alone in holding off on Vista. Like it or not, a lot of businesses are skipping Vista and going straight to W7. This is the perfect opportunity for Dell to generate the sales numbers they need, especially considering the slowing tech sector and the economy.

    I understand W7 won't be released until October but why not offer an upgrade path now to stimulate sales? Even it it costs Dell a few more dollars (I doubt it), I think the move to offer W7 upgrade path (even if Dell charges an extra $30-50/machine) will pay off for Dell.

  • Where can I get beta drivers for Win7 x64? I am unable to install the chipset drivers on my new Latitude e6500.  I got most of the drivers to install by identifying the system as Vista x64 but some key drivers will not install. Now Win7 won't recognize the Virtualizationj and I can't install the XP image.

    I'm a long-time beta tester (since windows 3.0) so I know the pitfalls of what I'm asking. No warnings needed.


  • I am also getting a Studio 15, i need to know if Dell is going to give me that option of upgrading to windows 7 when it comes out in the fall.  i am gettting the studio 15 be the end of the month,  i hope Dell give us that option to purchase an upgrade kit or have it free with the warranty

  • Lucashale,

    I was also going to buy a dell computer this month, but I think it's better to delay the order. According to some sites, the magic date will be July 1st. I'm not sure if Dell will use the shipment date or the purchase date so it may already be too late to qualify for the free/discounted upgrade. (

    However, according to CNET, Best Buy is preselling the Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade for $50 ( That might be a good option for you if Dell won't let you get their free/discounted upgrade.

    Either way, I hope you get W7 without a hassle :)

  • i did not knew about this program when i ordered my laptop (studio 1555) on jun 2.

    i got delivery of my laptop on jun 12.. so can i not avail this program of has dell not yet decided about the matter..

    i wish the program would have started from Jun 1 rather than July 1 now..

  • Well I just checked the delievery date of my ordered system and it is now 23rd June... Getting pretty close to the reported introduction date of the Win7 upgrade.

    I'm sure that Dell will do the right thing by it's loyal customers.

  • This is good news; I'm sure that Windows 7 will get a warmer reception than Vista.

  • I placed an order today (june 18th, 2009) and the rep suggested that I would be entitled to a free upgrade to Windows 7.

    I can find not written evidence of this anywhere on or

    Have I been "hornswoggled"? or is there a firm date on when customers are eligible for free Win7 upgrade?

  • You may want to take advantage of Dell's 30 day satisfaction guarantee and return the machine... or ask for compensation so you can purchase the upgrade at retail.

  • Having just spoken to the rep to confirm again, he has suggested that my order be suspended until June 26th, at which time the order will be released and I will be eligible for free Windows 7 upgrade.

    I admit, I'm still a bit uneasy: given that Dell has free 30 day satisfaction guarantee, I think they should be announcing retroactive free upgrades to those who have ordered up to a month before whatever date they decide... and I am likely to cancel my order if I find out I'm ineligible... after all, the longer one waits, the less costly and more powerful the machine gets...