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Love at First Peek

We’re providing a peek today from Dell on a brand that has been a labor of love for some time. It’s something you’ve never seen before and maybe never thought you’d see from us. And, honestly, you won’t entirely see it just yet. In the coming weeks, we hope you will follow the romance on Adamo by Dell. What you will see are glimpses of the inspired work from the diverse design team behind the product, and much more.


Register today to receive breaking news at, and follow the conversations on Twitter at #AdamoByDell. Stay tuned as we introduce some of the brains behind the beautiful craftsmanship, and more information about this much buzzed about launch


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  • Talk about old, I saw that video a month ago.  Couldn't you make a new one without a commentator who has the sniffles?  Perhaps something with better lighting so we could actually see something?  I also disliked the Adamo site as it seems to be trying to hard to impress with all the models.  I understand Dell is trying to go high class but this was a bit over the top.  Then sending a potential customer from a highly polished site to an amature video on youtube?!?  I was really expecting something better.