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New Fixes Now Live

 Earlier this evening, we just rolled out several fixes to Dell’s Community site. This is just the tip of the iceberg, but we’ll continue working to fix things that are important to our customers.

Some things like moving the Browse by Content Type to the top of the left-hand nav will be obvious, but several are not. Below is a list of all of them. We’ll keep working to improve the site. While we continue testing and implementing things, we appreciate your patience in the meantime.

Nav by topic


Now onto the list:

  • Added a New Thread button to make it easier to post a new thread in a forum
  • Streamlined the banners across the main page areas
  • Indented text in the drop-down text areas in the User Control Panel
  • Added Edit/Delete functionality for blogs in Groups
  • Removed redundant text entry fields in the blog comment area (no more Name, Website or Remember Me fields).
  • Enabled links to comments shown in the Activity List
  • Added the ability to link to comments in blog posts and forum threads
  • On group pages, changed the text for areas that did not have content
  • Added RSS feed on blog aggregator page
  • Left navigation = Moved the Browse by Content Type section up to the top of the page
  • Breadcrumb wording  = Now you navigate back to Community instead of English
  • Changed order of private messages so the most recent one appears 
  •  Dell logo in masthead now goes to
  • Changed wording on comment message
  • Emoticon window size increased
  • Enabled site theme CSS override
  • Added ability to delete comments on user profile

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  • What happened to the ability to use the "read our Blog" link to see all the recent blog posts? I can see one page worth but then there is no longer the option to go back further like before. It was much easier than searching each individual blog to find the newest things.
  • Hello, I'm having difficulty finding the page where I can post a new thread. Anyway, sorry for crashing in on this forum but I'm hoping someone can help me. My home laptop apparently has a virus called, Win32.Zafi.B. It seems to have come through a corrupt email. It affects configutations and Internet Explorer. I can't even do a System Restore or MSConfig. I'm ready to cry. I did some research and suggestion is to download on-line anti-virus software. However, my internet doesn't work! Can someone please let me know how I can fix this? Any help at all is very much appreciated. Thank you. Crying
  • dmintz, * You should go to this page: * On the left under Forums, open Virus & Spyware * On the left, click Malware Removal * On the upper right, click the blue button Start a New Thread * Include your PC model, operating system, possible virus
  • jervis961: I think you're talking about the Blog aggregator page ( The Read Our Blog link in the footer should still direct you there. And BTW, we did add an RSS feed option on that page as well:
  • Hi Lionel: I have some suggestions that will make coming here a better experience to me: 1. The default font that appears when I am typing this is very small, downright tiny, Is there any way to boost it up a tad. 2. There is so much white space on these pages I almost have to wear sunglasses while I visit the forums. Some kind of color or shading would really give a boost to my comfort level when browsing. 3. Even with all this empty space I have to scroll left and right a bit to read everything. I hate to have to do that. Can this be improved? 4. Concerning the stuff on the left side of the page...I for one would have little reason to use the "blogs". Can't these be moved to the top of the page and be accessed by drop drown menus, ala the old forum. And the "Categories" needs to be reformatted to a tree like format, again like the old forum. The stuff at the bottom of the page is unobtrusive and can stay and maybe be improved upon. 5. I see the Support Forums have improved to some extent but are still not intuitive. Unless I am shopping for a computer or seeking information about them, my ONLY reason the Dell site is for the Support forums, which is users helping users with a bit of light moderation. The format was easily learned and to navigate was simple. All you have to do is visit forums like MBAM of Spyware Hammer to see formats that are normally used for SUPPORT forums. I would hope there is some way to recapture these sadly missed features. I have a hard time wondering how, when the brainstorming (?) began to "update" the Dell site and particularly the forums, that a good look was not taken at the old format and functionality, and using that as a basis for the any improvements, IF NEEDED.
  • is where I am taken when clicking the "Read our Blog" link. The page numbers were there but are now gone and RSS feeds are not my favorite.
  • It would be nice that if I go to the trouble to make some comments, that they will show up as I wrote them...with the extra line spaces between the numbered items. I did that intentionally so that my post would be easier to read
  • All window dressing. FIX THE POSTING PROBLEM
  • Have the stars been removed? If so great!
  • Here's a list of bugs/problems on the community platform I encountered:
  • There were no real fixes produced ... -- None of the 'real' problems with the forum have been addressed with the one small exception of changing a small text link into a larger button link. -- Are you the one that pushed this downgrade on Dell and therefore on US?
  • I posted a few days ago and I'm not even sure I'm in the right place. I need help to remove Spyware Guard 2008 . Help!!!
  • lionel? -- Do you want to start answering the support questions in here now? -- Since many customers really can't find where to ask a question, and you think this downgrade is the cats meow .... - Start here, and then visit all your Wikis and blogs and help answer questions. KO?
  • My. my. Took a whole 6 weeks for the re-arranging of the deck chairs on the SS Titanic.
  • I just spend 20 mins trying to figure out how to add a thread...and still can't figure it isn't this set up as a "forum" anymore? Way to confusing right now...ugh.